“It’s silly”- UFC president Dana White claims he ‘hates’ the Kamaru Usman vs Canelo Alvarez fight

Dana White sheds his thoughts on the Kamaru Usman and Canel Alvarez fight and compares it to the Floyd vs McGregor matchup and why it was a one-off.

Dana White Kamaru Usman
Dana White Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman has been going around claiming that he had the ‘Cajones’ to take on the best boxer in the world which gave him the confidence to think that Dana White would not be opposed to making that fight happen since there would be a lot of eyes watching that PPV.

Dana expresses his disappointment over guys coming into the UFC and building their names up after which they turn towards boxing, addressing the fact of boxing becoming a little popular because of which his fighters do so.

Even though there would be a chance of having the biggest PPV as Usman thinks, Dana White isn’t convinced. That’s what he revealed in a recent interview with ESPN MMA. He simply smirks when asked about the possibility of the matchup happening and then goes on to say, “I hate the Canelo fight, I mean I don’t even have to explain it to people, everybody knows. It’s… It’s silly.”

He points to the fact that the cross-sport matches usually aren’t a great matchup which is technically true but sure would be fun to watch while Usman thinks he does have what it takes to ‘get the job done’.

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“Everyrthing about it is horrible”- Dana White says Kamaru Usman shouldn’t obsess over Canelo Alvarez fight


Dana White in a different interview with sky sports said that he thinks that the Kamaru-Canelo fight might have a slight off chance that people wouldn’t buy the PPV which could also end up in a huge loss for the organization.

“I think that if [Usman’s] serious about it — he shouldn’t be serious about it,” “I don’t like that fight at all. Everything about it is horrible. Usman is not a boxer. Canelo is probably the best guy out there right now. It’s a stupid fight that makes no sense. I don’t even know how many people would be interested in seeing that,” White added

Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather is undeniably the highest-profile instance of any MMA to boxing crossover. White isn’t flat-out saying we’ll never see one of these types of fights happen again, but it has to be under very unique circumstances. Dana and every other Boxing enthusiast would know what would happen to Kamaru if he went against Canelo. It sure would be entertaining nonetheless but Dana concluded by saying that “Who knows, Something could come along down the line but the whole boxing versus MMA thing is silly.”

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