Julianna Pena is all set to coach TUF 30 alongside Amanda Nunes

Julianna Pena is all set to coach TUF fighters against Amanda Nunes. Here is what the UFC women's bantamweight champion said about her role as a coach ahead of TUF

Amanda Nunes and Juliana Pena

The rivalry between Julianna Pena and Amanda Nunes is all set to take a new turn as the fighters have been selected to be a part of TUF this year. 

The bad blood between Nunes and Pena started when Pena called out Nunes for ducking her and being scared to fight. The fight was originally expected to be held at UFC 265 in August of 2021 where Nunes was supposed to defend her Bantamweight title. But unfortunately, the Brazilian was tested positive for COVID and the fight was forced to be canceled. The fight was further rescheduled to take place at UFC 269 on December 11.

Both the fighters were not in the mood of holding the insults during the pre-fight press conferences. During the fight, Nunes dominated the first round completely but Pena turned the tables in the second round. Nunes was pressured and eventually lost the fight via submission. Nunes losing her Bantamweight title against Pena was one of the most shocking upsets of 2021. 

Julianna Pena vs Amanda Nunes at TUF Season 30

Julianna Pena(L), Amanda Nunes(R)

According to some new reports, Julianna Pena and Amanda Nunes are getting the opportunity to continue their rivalry as TUF coaches. It was MMA reporter Ariel Helwani who first hinted at the possibility of this happening. 

The Bantamweight Champion was recently at the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the fighter revealed that she will be going back to TUF which she won in the year 2013. She along with Nunes has been given the responsibility to train new fighters in TUF this year. Both the teams are going to compete to be the best and at the end of the season, Pena and Nunes will get their rematch.

I was the first to win on that show, ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ I won the whole season,” Pena said. “I’m going to now be giving back to these young fighters. I am going to be the coach on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ for this next season coming up. Amanda will be coaching alongside me. So it will be me and Amanda’s teams. It’ll be my team vs. Amanda’s team and then at the end of the season, we’re going to rematch.” said Pena

The Ultimate Fighter show has a great history and many incredible fighters have settled their rivalry in the past as coaches. This would be a great opportunity for Pena to defend her belt and show the world that she is the deserving champ. 

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