Why did UFC fighter Leon Edwards flee to England from Jamaica? A captivating journey

Leon Edwards is fighting one of the biggest stars of the sport Nate Diaz at UFC 263. Have a read on how the Jamaican origin fighter moved to England.

Leon Edwards Jamaica
Leon Edwards representing his nations

UFC welterweight Leon Edwards is now training to fight against Stockton Slugger Nate Diaz. This might be the biggest fight of his career in terms of pay-per-view and the attention it has been receiving. The fight was initially scheduled for UFC 262 but now it was postponed to UFC 263 due to a minor injury of Diaz.

Leon Edwards no doubt one of the best fighters of the welterweight division. He is on an 8-fight winning streak and will be facing Nate Diaz as an opponent in his next fight. Leon is definitely a top-of-the-food-chain fighter, so it is safe to assume he lives a healthy and safe life. But things weren’t always easy for the British-Jamaican fighter. His life tells an inspiring story and his come-up is definitely worth a listen.

Leon Edwards
Leon Edwards

The fighter was born in Kingston, Jamaica on August 25, 19991. The fighter lived in the mean streets of Kingston, which was struck by poverty, hunger, and other crisis. Leon Edwards lived with his father, mother, and brother. To put it into the perspective how poor Leon was, his family of four lived in a single room. No, not a single bedroom, just a single room. Surrounded by violence, his mum and dad somehow still managed to put a smile on Leon’s face as a kid.

Leon’s father was someone who would go beyond the law to make a daily living and everyone around him knew it. As a matter of fact, the fighter himself didn’t seem to bother about that as a kid. His father’s “status” kept Edwards somewhat protected as a kid. In an interview with ESPN, Leon said, “Killing became normal to me as a kid. Hearing gunshots was normal; it did not faze me.”

Leon Edwards parents separated when he was 6 years old

Leon Edwards childhood
Leon Edwards’ childhood picture

Leon Edwards lived in such a violent neighborhood and city in Jamaica that, it wasn’t safe for one street residents to go to another street at night given the possibilities of getting shot. Edwards has previously talked that crime, drugs, killing, shooting, and poverty the only things that he constantly saw as a kid. Just when one thought things couldn’t get any worse, his dad left his family to London.

Later, Leon Edward and his family were called from England by his dad and were asked to settle in Birmingham. Leon could meet his dad rarely on the weekends. Leon, his mother, and his brother lived in a neighborhood called Aston in Birmingham. Things weren’t easy in England either. The fighter had to undergo things even worse in the latter part of his life. Leon’s life in Birmingham calls for a whole other article in my opinion.

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