Leon Edwards family: What happened to the UFC champion’s father?

Check out the story of UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards' father and the impact it had on him, his career and his family.

Leon Edwards family: What happened to the UFC champion’s father?

The story of UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards' father and his impact on Edwards' life (via IMDb)

Known in the UFC as “Rocky,” Leon Edwards has had many hardships. One of the most painful of which was the untimely death of his father. A single mother with a significant influence on his future raised Edwards. He was born in Jamaica and brought up in London, along with his brother Fabian.

Leon Edwards has five first-round finishes, a professional record of 21-3, 1 NC, and a Pound-For-Pound ranking of #4. He is currently the UFC welterweight champion. Notable fights include victories over Rafael dos Anjos and Donald Cerrone and a historic head-kick knockout of Kamaru Usman. Edwards will defend his title against Colby Covington at UFC 296. Learn more about his father in this article.


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What happened to Leon Edwards’ father?

During an interview, Leon Edwards talked about his dad and his involvement in illegal activities. He blamed the gangs and drugs for his demise. This is what he had to say:

My dad was involved in gangs and stuff like that. From there he immigrated to the UK for a better life. Through my dad being involved in gangs and drugs, that was the cause of his death. He got murdered when i was 13 years old.
Leon Edwards on his father
The tragic story of Leon Edward's father
The tragic story of Leon Edward’s father (via Sportslens.com)

The tragedy happened early in Leon Edwards’s boyhood, around the age of 13. Someone shot and killed his father at a London nightclub. Financial concerns played a role in the sorrowful incident’s circumstances, which left a lasting impact on Edwards and his family, especially his mother. The young fighter freely addressed the impact of the occurrence as he moved through his early years, demonstrating how much the loss had affected him.


How did this tragedy affect Leon Edwards?

Having grown up in an environment where knife and gun crimes were prevalent in the UK, Edwards realized the potential risks he might have encountered. At the age of seventeen, he and his younger brother decided to take a calculated risk by turning to MMA for self-defense. This also served as an escape from the dangers that could have been all around them. Fabian and Leon are skilled in the discipline of Muay Thai.

The impact of the Leon Edwards father's death on his life
Leon Edwards father’s death had a significant impact (via UFC.com)

Leon Edwards sincerely thanked his mother for guiding him and his brother towards MMA. The sport changed their lives, giving them discipline, focus, and a constructive outlet for their energies. This prevented their involvement in gang activity, committing crimes, or going to jail. Edwards now has a son of his own with his girlfriend.

Edwards is carrying the lessons he learned from a difficult upbringing. The memory of his father with him as he prepares for UFC 296. His story is proof of the transformational potential of sports in overcoming hardship and paving the way for success.


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