WATCH: “He gonna live till 100” – 42 year old Georges St-Pierre showing off INSANE fitness technique leaves fans in shock

Former UFC champ Georges St-Pierre's enduring fitness dedication continues to amaze fans as he showcases intense training routines.

WATCH: “He gonna live till 100” – 42 year old Georges St-Pierre showing off INSANE fitness technique leaves fans in shock

GSP Training (Image via X/ Ben Davie)

Georges St-Pierre is a former UFC Welterweight and Middleweight champion. He has always been known for his exceptional fitness and discipline. GSP has continually showcased his dedication to staying in peak physical condition even after his retirement from active MMA competition.


GSP’s rigorous training regimen has often left fans and fellow athletes alike in awe. Over the years, he’s shared glimpses of his training routines. This involves gymnastics, Kyokushin karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, wrestling, and other physical activities. A recent video of a 42-year-old GSP displaying an unbelievable fitness technique has taken social media by storm. One fan commented on the video, “At this point he gonna live till 100.” The feat not only underlines GSP’s commitment to fitness but also serves as an inspiration for many who believe that age is just a number.

St. Pierre, during his heyday, was a national icon in Canada. He was amongst the biggest pay-per-view stars for the UFC. He also has the credentials for being a GOAT of MMA. There were rumblings of a super-fight between GSP and Khabib Nurmagomedov. However, it did not come to fruition due to a variety of reasons. St. Pierre has beaten the likes of BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Nick Diaz, Dan Hardy, and Michael Bisping, to name a few.

GSP last fought inside the octagon in the main event of UFC 217. He defeated Michael Bisping to become the middleweight champion of the UFC at the event. However, health issues forced him to vacate the title. Since his retirement, he has been seen in Hollywood movies and also in UFC events as a special guest.


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Fans react to the exceptional workout of Georges St. Pierre

GSP took social media by storm with the insane workout video. He was a likeable guy when he was in the UFC and that is evident in the fan reaction. There were no negative sentiments towards the French Canadian fighter. It was all love and respect in the comments. It also needs to be noted that it is not the first time that fans have seen GSP doing hard workouts.

Georges St-Pierre talks about PED impact
Georges St-Pierre talks about PED impact (image via MMA fighting)

Fans were super happy to see GSP doing the exercise. One fan noted that GSP could live longer if he follows his current lifestyle. Another fan gave props to him by saying that GSP would be the only fighter who could win a UFC fight, even in old age. Some were awestruck by the performance. Some even comedically noted that the fighter now has hair, as he always sported a bald look inside the octagon. See the fan reaction below.

GSP had come out of retirement to defeat Michael Bisping at UFC 217. He was recently seen in the Disney series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Moreover, he is a frequent special guest at UFC Paris events due to his French heritage. The Canadian has confirmed that he has no plans for MMA.


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