“Bro got an iron core” – Georges St-Pierre’s gravity-defying gymnastic feats leave fans in awe

Fans react to Georges St-Pierre's recent throwback video, which he posted on X about his gymnastics training before his last fight in the UFC.

“Bro got an iron core” – Georges St-Pierre’s gravity-defying gymnastic feats leave fans in awe

Georges St-Pierre post throwback video of gymnastics training before his last fight in the UFC (Image via : X & Imago)

Georges St-Pierre is a respected name in the world of mixed martial arts. He was an iconic figure in the UFC with unconventional training methods and an impressive fight record. GSP’s professional record boasts 26 wins and 2 losses in his entire fight career. He is also a former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion, having fought numerous top contenders in the sport.


While fighting in the UFC, Georges St-Pierre indulged in gymnastics to work on his flexibility, balance, and strength. The welterweight legend vacated his title after a submission victory over Michael Bisping at UFC 217. He recently posted a throwback video of his training with his gymnastics coach before that fight. While not primarily known as a gymnast, there are glimpses of Georges St-Pierre’s proficiency in the sport.

St-Pierre is known for his rigorous and unconventional training methods. He included gymnastics in his training routine to enhance his athleticism and agility in his MMA bouts. This demonstrated his commitment to diverse and effective training approaches for the ultimate performance inside the octagon.

Georges St-Pierre vs. Michael Bisping was a historic match because it was St-Pierre’s middleweight debut against Michael Bisping, the reigning middleweight champion at the time. St-Pierre had been away from MMA for several years before this fight. He secured a victory by submitting Bisping in the third round with a rear-naked choke. Thus, he became the new UFC Middleweight Champion.


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Fans react to Georges St-Pierre’s throwback gymnastics video

Georges St-Pierre’s personality and incredible fight resume earned him a huge fan following. St-Pierre has over 4.5 million followers on Instagram and over 2 million followers on X. His fans on X reacted to his throwback video from his latest post. Here are some of the reactions from fans.

Georges St-Pierre
Fans reacted to St-Pierre’s latest video (Image via X)

A look at St-Pierre’s social media will tell one that just because he retired from fighting does not mean he retired from training. The 42-year-old regularly updates fans on his latest unconventional training regime. Recently, he teased fans regarding his highly-anticipated comeback. Reportedly, Georges St-Pierre would engage in a grappling session against Demian Maia at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational.

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