“Holloway looks like TKZ” fans react to Alexander Volkanovski’s fierce dismantling of Max Holloway at UFC 276

Max Holloway x Alexander Volkanovski
Volkanovvski cruised his way to a dominant decision at UFC 276

Alexander Volkanovski just made a statement as loud as anyone could within the steel reinforcements of the Octagon. The Aussie put a definitive end to the trilogy between Max Holloway and him, out landing the boxer in every round, not having to rely on his wrestling and coming out with a 50-45 unanimous decision.

While many were aware that Volk is a new breed of fighter that gets better everytime he steps into the lights, tonight he proved that no one in his division can come close to dethroning him any time soon.

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Fans react to Alexander Volkanovski’s dismantling of Max Holloway

Max Holloway x Alexander Volkanovski
Volk out landed Holloway in every single round

Fans were equally shocked by the way Volk dismantled a former champion who has done the same to all his previous opponents. Here are some of the best fan reactions

Without a doubt Volk set himself apart as the greatest featherweight of his generation

The difference in ability was clear to see for everyone and you couldn’t ignore it anymore if you tried

Talks of dethroning Kamaru Usman on the top of the P4P list are in full sway


Fans were as certain as we are that the reign of Alexander was here to stay.

One fan bought an unruly comparison to Conor McGregor but I think we’re all past that point

Some fans took offence to Joe Rogan’s comparison of Volk to a “Pitbull on Amphetamines”

The definitive end to the trilogy was appreciated by all

The man who outlands everyone was outlanded comfortably by Volk and that is noteworthy

The callout to lightweights was seen as the reasonable progression to his career

The fact that he managed to make Max looks the same as TKZ flabbergasted everyone looking

The emotions of everyone rooting for Holloway was accurately summed up by this fan

Without a doubt everyone unanimously agreed that this was the best fighter the sport had to offer

How do you think Volk fares against top lightweights including Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev

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