“Fake forever,” Amanda Nunes claims UFC champions after her retirement won’t be real titleholders

Retired two division Amanda Nunes does not think highly about the next champions of her division.

“Fake forever,” Amanda Nunes claims UFC champions after her retirement won’t be real titleholders

Amanda Nunes after retirement claims there will be fake title holders(Image via Newsnation)

Amanda Nunes retired at UFC 289 after a successful career as an MMA fighter. Amanda defeated Irene Aldana at UFC 289 via unanimous decision. She once again showcased why she is the GOAT of female fighters. Former opponent Julianna Pena waited for her turn on the cage side to make the challenge the champion. However, Nunes retired, leaving Pena disappointed.


After dominating since 2015, Amanda Nunes finally gave up her UFC gloves. Nunes dominated Irene Aldana with calf kicks, precision striking, and wrestling skills. Constant punches and kicks pressured Aldana throughout the entire fight. Now that both belts are vacant since Nunes retired. The retired fighter had a big statement about the upcoming champions.

The last fight against Irene Aldana went easily in favor of Nunes, which made her think about the future of women’s MMA. Nunes had some words to convey before she left the arena. Amanda said, “I know I’m gonna have my belt at home that is gonna be the fake one so uh it’s gonna be fake forever you know so who gather the belt now is gonna be just like pretend to have one.”

Amanda Nunes had two main highlights in her career when she dominated and knocked out two former champions. The first one was Ronda Rousey at UFC 207, where in just 48 seconds, she secured the win. Later, after two years, she got the opportunity to fight against Cris Cyborg at UFC 232. Again, Nunes didn’t disappoint her fans and got the TKO win over the former champion.


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Julianna Pena claims she forced Amanda Nunes to retire

Julianaa pena claims she scared Amanda Nunes
Julianna Pena claims she scared Amanda Nunes (Image via Bleacher Report)

In place of Irene Aldana, Julianna Pena was supposed to face Amanda Nunes. However, with an undisclosed injury, she opted out of the main event at UFC 289. In her place, Aldana got promoted to the championship fight. After Nunes retired at UFC 289, Julianna claimed that she forced the champion to retire. The situation changed for Pena as she might not compete against Nunes again.

Later, Julianna tweeted, “I scared you so bad into retirement. Personally, Congratulations. Professionally, wtf was that?” Amanda, in her post-fight interview, clarified, “My mom was asking me so much to do this for so long, she can’t take it anymore.” The retired champion also explained, “I left them so young to come here and chase the dream and everything, there was never a doubt in my mind I was going to become a champion. But when I became a champion, it was unbelievable. A double champ as well.”

Julianna Pena was sitting at the cage side for her trilogy fight callout. However, Nunes shocked Pena and the MMA fans with information about her retirement.


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