“We will personally vote for him!” 25 percent Irish Andrew Tate and brother root for Conor McGregor to run for office in Ireland

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate are fervent supporters of Conor McGregor's bid for President of Ireland.

“We will personally vote for him!” 25 percent Irish Andrew Tate and brother root for Conor McGregor to run for office in Ireland

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate are avid supporters of Conor McGregor's bid for President of Ireland. (via Imago/The Independent)

Former kickboxing world champion Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate, are controversial figures. They have declared support for Conor McGregor standing for President of Ireland. The approval comes amid political upheaval in the country. This was due to a sad incident involving an Algerian immigrant in Dublin, which sparked widespread riots and protests.


The Tate brothers gave their support in a video posted on their Rumble channel. Tristan Tate lauded Conor McGregor as a “warrior.” Tristan stated his conviction that McGregor’s experiences in combat sports may make him a more protective leader. He also stated that he and his brother are 25 percent Irish. This is what he said:

I think that's a wonderful idea... I don't know Conor, but Conor is a warrior... He knows violence very well. I would believe that Conor McGregor would be far more reluctant to send random Irish people to die in places like Iraq... I also believe that Conor McGregor, who's a family man and a fighter, would be a lot more protective in a masculine way about his own people.
Tristan Tate via Rumble

Andrew Tate also expressed his support. This is what he said:

Our grandfather was born in Limerick. We will personally vote for Conor McGregor.
Andrew Tate via Rumble

The support from Andrew Tate and his brother comes at an important turning point in the Irish public’s dissatisfaction with the government.  McGregor, an Irish legend and passionate opponent of the current regime, has hinted at a presidential candidature. He has positioned himself as a viable alternative to the current political environment.


The Tate brothers’ endorsement adds another dimension to the current discussion concerning McGregor’s political ambitions. McGregor’s influence in Ireland extends beyond athletics, and his ability to connect with the people might greatly impact the political scene.

Conor McGregor launched a new assault on the Irish government by bringing up Ireland’s debt

Conor McGregor took to social media in the middle of Ireland’s current unrest, unleashing a biting critique of the Irish government along with a heartbreaking reminder of the nation’s alleged debt. The UFC lightweight is well-known for voicing his opinions on political issues. He expressed his displeasure at what he considered a “ludicrous” expenditure of Irish taxpayer money without deliberation or consideration.

Conor McGregor addresses Ireland's debt 

Andrew Tate
Conor McGregor addresses Ireland’s debt (via Imago)

McGregor emphasized his argument in a now-deleted tweet by uploading an image of Ireland’s debt from worlddebtclocks.com. This directly responds to Ireland’s stated plan to allocate funding to address climate change in other nations. This sparked controversy and garnered criticism from the public. This is what he wrote in a different related tweet:

Ludicrous spending of the people of Ireland’s money with zero discussion nor even consideration of the people whose money this is, is not for me…. Do you wish to send this money abroad for the cause of climate, amidst all our constant tax and price and rent hikes in recent times? Do you even have a say?
Conor McGregor via X

McGregor’s online activity goes beyond political criticism as he continues to engage the public in discussions concerning Ireland’s difficulties. His willingness to address uncomfortable issues demonstrates his commitment to creating change within the country.


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