“Make Ireland Great Again!” Conor McGregor claims to run for President; fans back Irish UFC star

Irish megastar Conor McGregor teases a future Irish presidential run with a cryptic tweet on X. The announcement comes after McGregor's harsh criticism towards the Irish Government.

“Make Ireland Great Again!” Conor McGregor claims to run for President; fans back Irish UFC star

Conor McGregor hints at a possible Irish Presidency candidature with a cryptic tweet (via X)

Conor McGregor’s career has taken another turn, with the UFC star once again at the center of a huge debate. This time, it is for hinting at a presidential run in Ireland. The announcement comes from an Irish inquiry into Conor McGregor’s social media posts during the Dublin riots. This adds another degree of complexity to the fighter’s public image.


The UFC star, known for his unrivaled charm and global fans, hinted at a potentially dramatic career shift. He expressed interest in running for president of his native Ireland. McGregor made this announcement on the social media platform X, in which he declared:

Ireland, your President. ☘️❤️
Conor McGregor via X

McGregor had previously accused the government of using him as a scapegoat for their incompetence. He said they tried to frame him for the anti-immigrant riots sparked by a stabbing incident involving minors. McGregor’s claim that he was a victim of government scapegoating has set the setting for a complicated and explosive situation as the fighter gears up for a potential presidential run.

Conor McGregor’s brazen pledge to run for president has ushered in a new chapter in his already noteworthy career. The world awaits future developments in this exciting and surprising adventure with eager anticipation.


Fight fans react to Conor McGregor’s aspiration to be president of Ireland

McGregor, famed for his larger-than-life demeanor, sent shockwaves across the sports and political landscapes with a cryptic statement on social media. He hinted at a possible presidential candidature in his native Ireland with a tweet. This sent fight fans into a frenzy.

Fight fans react to Conor McGregor's potential presidency news
Fight fans react to Conor McGregor’s potential presidency news (via Imago)

As they struggle with the unexpected discovery, McGregor’s passionate following has remained nothing short of electrifying. Fight fans have flooded the virtual world with a diversity of feelings and opinions on X and across numerous social media sites. Some fans questioned the announcement’s authenticity, while others raised reservations about the connection between sports and politics. Here are some of the reactions from fight fans to this news:

McGregor’s journey from the octagon to the political scene takes the front stage. This has encouraged fans and spectators alike to see the next chapter in the “Notorious” storyline.

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