WATCH: Boxing youngster channels inner Conor McGregor and gets cosign from Irish superstar after ecstatic win

The British boxer Cameron Vuong does a spot-on impression of Conor McGregor after his stunning victory.

WATCH: Boxing youngster channels inner Conor McGregor and gets cosign from Irish superstar after ecstatic win

Cameron Vuong and Conor McGregor (image credit- DAZN, IMAGO)

Cameron Vuong, a Newcastle Lightweight amateur recently signed a promotional contract with Eddie Hearn‘s Matchroom Boxing. Subsequently, the 20-year-old fought on the undercard of the WBA featherweight world title fight between Leigh Wood and Josh Warrington. In addition, Vuong fought against Michal Dufek in a 6-round, 135-pound professional bout, and Vuong won via KO. Furthermore, during his post-fight interview, Vuong channeled his inner Conor McGregor for a spot-on impression.

The bout was Vuong’s third professional bout after making his professional debut in October 2023 against Engel Gomez. After signing with Hearn’s highly reputed promotion company, Matchroom Boxing, Vuong has had an amazing start to his career. Vuong scored a fourth-round KO and went on to win his second fight against John Henry Mosquera via decision.


Subsequently, Vuong won his third fight against Dufek via a 4-round stoppage TKO and extended his professional record to 3-0 with 2 KOs. In addition, Vuong did an accurate impression of Conor McGregor after one of his fights:

He's like a little Cholo gangster from the hood, yea. He’s making gun signs with the right hand and animal balloons with the left hand.

At the post-fight interview, Vuong appeared very ecstatic and pleased with his third consecutive victory and second KO. Subsequently, Vuong took a moment to further sign under the spotlight by making an accurate impression of McGregor.

Furthermore, Vuong quoted one of McGregor’s iconic trash talk lines, which he used against Nate Diaz. Additionally, Vuong was able to say McGregor’s lines from the UFC 196 pre-fight press conference with complete accuracy.


Cameron Vuong is the new rising boxing star

Vuong started his boxing career as a part of the flourishing Birtley Boxing Club, based in the northeast of England. The 20-year-old trained under the supervision of head coach Graeme Rutherford alongside fellow boxers Cyrus Pattinson, Mark Dickinson, and Calum French.

Cameron Vuong
Cameron Vuong (image credit- X)

Before his pro debut, Vuong won his Senior Elite ABA Lightweight Title in April and then his Tri-Nation Title in May. After which, Vuong came under Sam Jones‘ guidance after officially signing with Matchroom. Subsequently, Cameron made his pro debut in October 2023 on the undercard for Wood and Warrington. Voung was able to make a great debut with a fourth-round stoppage over Gomez.

Cameron again fought in November and fought for the first time in front of a packed Newcastle crowd. Furthermore, Vuong fought for six rounds and ultimately defeated Mosquera via decision. In addition, Vuong was able to extend his record to 3-0 against Dufek.


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