MSG record-holder reckons Nate Diaz in SECRET conversation with Dana White to fight Conor McGregor in ‘curveball’ trilogy

Former rival Eddie Alvarez predicts Conor McGregor's potential fight with Nate Diaz undergoing discussions with Dana White

MSG record-holder reckons Nate Diaz in SECRET conversation with Dana White to fight Conor McGregor in ‘curveball’ trilogy

Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2 declared greatest UFC fight of all time ( Image via Imago )

Former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez commented about Conor McGregor‘s return to the UFC. He expressed skepticism about McGregor’s upcoming fight. He also boldly predicted Dana White‘s plans regarding the return of Nate Diaz to the UFC.


Eddie Alvarez believed McGregor’s upcoming fight could prove to be a surprising turn of events. He felt it could involve Nate Diaz instead of Michael Chandler. In an interview with The Schmo, Alvarez said:

I think UFC on the down low may be trying to make the largest fight. They always want to make the largest fight possible and waiting in the wings is Nate Diaz. Secretly, Nate Diaz, on the side, may be making them discussions with the UFC, doing that Conor-Diaz 3...I think that might be the curveball we're all waiting to hear.
Eddie Alvarez via The Schmo YouTube Channel

Conor McGregor faced Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in November of 2016. McGregor won the fight via TKO in the second round. Thereby, he became the first fighter in UFC history to hold titles in two weight classes simultaneously.

The victory at UFC 205 marked McGregor’s last win in MMA before his temporary retirement in 2019. The event drew a crowd of 20,427 at the Madison Square Garden, generating a live gate of $17.7 million. This made it the highest in UFC history.


He suggests that the UFC might contemplate various factors before making an announcement. This may have contributed to the delay in McGregor’s return. Alvarez’s insights are rooted in his history with both McGregor and Michael Chandler, hinting at potential complexities in matchmaking.

Despite uncertainties, Alvarez’s prediction added anticipation to McGregor’s comeback. It has left room for unexpected developments in the UFC landscape.

Dana White teases superfight that does not involve UFC star Conor McGregor

Dana White has teased a significant UFC “super fight” announcement that doesn’t involve Conor McGregor. The UFC CEO mentioned the unexpected development a few days ago, sparking excitement among fans.

Conor McGregor Dana White
Dana White teases superfight without Conor McGregor ( Image source: X)

While the details remain undisclosed, White emphasized it’s a substantial matchup that has recently surfaced. He said that it has the potential to become a blockbuster event in 2024. The revelation has stirred anticipation and speculation within the MMA community, eager to witness this dream fight unfold.


Meanwhile, Conor McGregor’s return still remains uncertain. However, the UFC CEO has emphasized that Conor McGregor would definitely fight in 2024. Conor McGregor and his fiancée Dee Devlin recently welcomed their fourth child, a baby boy.

The couple already has three other children: Conor Jr. (six years old), Croia (four years old), and Rian (two years old). McGregor shared the news on social media, expressing joy over the arrival of their newest family member.

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