“They were sh*thouse drunk” – Anthony Smith reveals Donald Cerrone teamed up with Dan Bilzerian and harassed his family

Anthony Smith makes shocking accusation on Donald Cerrone and Dan Bilzerian of pestering his family in the front row of the octagon.

Anthony Smith Dan Bilzerian
Anthony Smith slams Dan Bilzerian for harassing his mother

Anthony Smith slams fellow UFC fighter Donald Cerrone and celebrity millionaire Dan Bilzerian for their unruly behavior. The former title contender reveals that the fighter’s family was put through a tough time while watching the fight.

Anthony Smith is a former UFC title contender and is one of the best fighters in the light heavyweight division. The fighter, apart from smashing his opponents inside the octagon, pairs up with former UFC champ, and commentator, Michael Bisping on the “Believe You Me” podcast.

In the recent episode of the podcast, Anthony recaps the time he fought Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title in the year 2019 at UFC 235. According to the fighter, his family had paid a visit to watch the fight live when they were troubled by the behavior of Dan Bilzerian and Donald Cerrone who sat next to each other.

“Dan Bilzerian and Donald Cerrone removed my mom and my wife from their seats,” said Smith talking to Michael Bisping on the podcast. “I was f**king furious. If I had seen Dan…because I had found out about it right after I got to the back, and if I had seen him then, I would have torn his head off, I was so mad.” Smith mentioned that both Donald and Dan were “sh*thouse” drunk when this event happened.

“It was an ordeal” Anthony Smith was disgusted with Bilzerian

Anthony Smith Jon Jones
Smith vs Jones at UFC 235

Smith lost the fight via decision against Jones in the main event of UFC 235. One can only imagine how pissed the fighter must have been after he had gotten to know that his family went through this. “Dan ends up being next to my mom, and then during the fight, he’s watching porn on his phone,” Smith reveals to Bisping with disgust.

“Like, during the fight he is sitting there watching porn. My mom’s super uncomfortable, she is a quiet lady and really shy. It was just a whole f**king ordeal.” Donald and Dan are pretty close as suggested by the linkups between the two in the past. Dan also lost a million dollars betting on Cerrone when he took on Conor McGregor.

Watch the full podcast episode of Anthony and Michael Bisping below:

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