“I like to buy stupid things too” Brandon Moreno says 4th Fight against Deiveson Figueiredo is equal parts about money and legacy

“I like to buy stupid things too” Brandon Moreno says 4th Fight against Deiveson Figueiredo is equal parts about money and legacy

Deiveson has revealed he has suffered an injury that may delay his return to the octagon

Brandon Moreno may have moved on from his possible rematch against Deivison Figuerideo but that doesn’t mean he is just yet ready to close the door on the iconic trilogy they had. As the Mexican gets ready to face City Kickboxing prodigy, Kai Kara France he talks about how much his next fight means to him and why a rematch with Deivison means more to his legacy than his pockets.


Moreno and Figueredo have shared the octagon for more than an hour. In the 3 championship fights, two have gone the distance while one saw Moreno brutally beaten up and finish the champion. It is the second bout that adds so much steam to Moreno’s claim to an undisputed title rematch as he was the only one to get a finish in their trilogy. As their first bout was a draw the score stands at 1-1 and hence a rubber match makes the most sense.

Talking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA hour Moreno shared his feelings on having to fight for the interim title instead of challenging for the undisputed belt he lost in a close fight.

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Brandon Moreno says he’s moved on from the rematch with Deiveson Figueiredo and is laser-focused on Kai Kara France

Brandon Moreno x deiveson figueiredo
A still from their second fight for the flyweight crown

Moreno revealed that the original plan was to go-ahead with the fourth fight against Deivison but the Brazilian kept backing out. “I don’t know what he wants to be honest, but he said know” said Moreno revealing his frustrations he continued, “I’d be lying to you if I say I’m not here for money, I love the money too, I love to buy stupid things”

He then said but compared to the money they could make it’s more about the legacy they can leave behind with the fight. “The fourth fight, obviously a first in Mixed Martial Arts, that would be amazing,” Moreno said as he revealed his doubts about Deiveson fighting in the division ever again amid rumors of him not being able to make weight.

Moreno then said that his focus was crystal clear on his next opponent Kai Kara France instead of dreaming about what could have been “The fourth fight against him would’ve been really interesting but it is what it is, I don’t care about anything but my next opponent that is Kai Kara France, ” said the former flyweight Champion.

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