“It’s OK to make bad movies” Chael Sonnen continues his brutal diss battle aimed at John Cena

Here is what Chael Sonnen had to say about John Cena's inspiring words in a brutal response to the former pro-wrestler.

John Cena x Chael Sonnen
Sonnen has repeatedly taken aim at Cena over the past few months

Chael Sonnen continues his awkward and one-sided beef with WWE Superstar John Cena. Over the past year , Sonnen has been retweeting Cena and his proverbial tweets meant to serve as motivation and take the literal meaning out of it. However, now for the first time, Sonnen has directly taken aim at the WWE Superstar, mentioning him personally.

Recently Cena put a tweet out that read, “It’s ok to be silly. It’s ok to be whimsical. It’s ok to be creative. It’s ok to show emotion” spreading the message that it’s only human to be flawed ending It with, “It’s ok to be you because we are all just trying to figure it out.” While many others would have taken it to heart and walked away with a smile, the Bad Guy from West Lynn, Oregon is not just any other man.

Sonnen who made a career thanks to his extraordinary skills on the microphone was quick to reframe the statement in such a way that they pointed only to Cena’s flaws. It read, ” It’s OK to be Cena. It’s OK to wear size 4X hockey jerseys & “jorts”. It’s OK to have T-levels in the 1400’s. It’s OK to wear baseball hats indoors. It’s OK to make bad movies.”

While the first half may stand up to criticism, it’s the second half that comes off as ironic. In it Sonnen attacks Cena for relying on performance enhancers and making bad movies, both accusations that could be laid against Sonnen himself. Sonnen acted in “Grudge Match” a movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro about two old boxers in one last bout.

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Why is Chael Sonnen aiming for John Cena?

John Cena x Chael Sonnen
Cena has found more success in Hollywood as of late with his latest hit being a role in the HBO series Peacemaker

This isn’t the first time Sonnen has targeted Cena either. Prior to this in the month of July alone, Sonnen took aim at the WWE superstar twice, both times correcting his proverbs and declining Cena a poetic license.

First Sonnen responded to a tweet by Cena mentioning how onward doesn’t always have to mean forward in life, with it also being a chance to correct and recognize one’s mistakes. Sonnen replied saying, “Ummm, no. It definitely does mean forward.”

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Another time Cena posted, “Our choices do not need to change the world, but in many cases they are chances to change our world.” To which Sonnen responded saying, ” I think you are confusing lives with WORLD. We all live in the same World.”

If this is all a personal issue he has with Cena or just a way for the bad guy to permanently transition into pro-wrestling? We do not know.

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