“You can punch with a broken thumb” – Coach reveals Alexander Volkanovski’s champion mentality at UFC 276

Coach Eugene Bareman reveals corner's shocking advice to Alexander Volkanovski when he broke his arm at UFC 276 against Max Holloway.

Alexander Volkanovski def Max Holloway at UFC 276
Alexander Volkanovski fought with a broken arm at UFC 276

Not only did Alexander Volkanovski make Max Holloway look like an average contender this past weekend, but he also did it with a broken arm for three rounds of the co-main event at UFC 276. Coach Eugene Bareman reveals what the champion’s corner had to say when he broke his arm in the second round of the fight.

At UFC 276, Alexander Volkanovski had a lot at stake in his trilogy fight against Max Holloway. Volkanovski was defending his legacy and his belt against one of the greatest fighters in the sport. Volkanovski’s performance against someone like Holloway this past weekend had every single fight fan in awe of his performance. “The Great” proved to the world by doing the impossible of beating a fighter like Max, three times.

Not only did Alex have to face someone like Holloway in the octagon for five rounds, but the Australian fighter also had to deal with his broken arm for most of the fight. It is not easy to cruise past three rounds when your arm is broken without the support Volkanovski got from his corner in his fight against Max. Eugene Bareman, coach at City Kickboxing reveals what he said to Volkanovski when they got to know his arm was broken. Eugene sits down with Submission Radio to recap UFC 276.

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Eugene Bareman has no words to describe Alexander Volkanovski’s mentality

Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway trilogy
Alexander Volkanovski and Max Holloway in their trilogy fight

When Volkanovski came to his corner after the second round and said his hand was broken, Eugene Bareman had this to say to him: “Don’t mention that bloody hand again. We can’t do nothing about it now, I don’t want you to mention that again.” Eugene and coach Lopez were very clear on what they wanted Alex to do after he broke his hand.

The corner was keen on making sure Volkanovski does not let that get into his head. “We wanted to extinguish any thoughts about his broken that could affect his performance so we jumped on it straight away. And you know, you can fight with a broken thumb. If you roll your punches properly, you’re never gonna get hurt. Grappling can be tough, but you can still punch with a broken thumb,” said Bareman talking to Submission Radio about UFC 276.

Volkanovski now has three wins over Max Holloway, who is also ranked high on the pound-for-pound rankings. Alex now makes a huge case for being the number one pound-for-pound fighter putting threat to Kamaru Usman’s position. Do you think Alexander Volknaovski should be the #1 pound-for-pound fighter?

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