“Last line between communism and being free,” UFC star Colby Covington vows to devote time to Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign

Colby Covington is a huge supporter of Donald Trump and believes in his policies. He wants to see Trump in back in office in 2024.

“Last line between communism and being free,” UFC star Colby Covington vows to devote time to Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign

Colby Covington will support Donald Trump in 2024 (Image Courtesy-Imago)

There is no doubt that former American President Donald Trump has had a huge impact on the UFC. There are many UFC fighters that are avid supporters of Trump. However, the most notable supporter of Trump has to be UFC welterweight Colby Covington. He recently spoke about fully supporting the American President for his potential Presidential run in 2024.


Covington recently appeared for an interview with MMA Journalist James Lynch and spoke about a variety of topics. Lynch asked Covington if he would be a part of Trump’s 2024 Presidential campaign. Covington replied, “I’m going to put all my energy and time into him. It’s just because he loves this country so much and he is the last line between communism and being free in America. If not they are going to weaponize the justice system.”

Covington believes that free speech will be normalized if Trump regains power as the President. He also talked about his potential future opponents and title aspirations. However, Covington mainly spoke about his upcoming title fight against welterweight champion Leon Edwards at UFC 296.

The fight will be Covingtion’s third shot at the welterweight gold. He wants to wrap the belt around Trump’s waist if he wins the title against Edwards. There is no doubt that Covington has an immense amount of respect for Trump and will continue to speak greatly about him.


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Colby Covington revealed what Donald Trump told him on call after his win at ESPN 5

Covington and Trump have been publicly supportive of each other. In 2018, Covington met with Trump at the White House after winning the UFC Interim welterweight championship. However, this was not the first time they had interacted. The former President had also called Covington after his victory over Robbie Lawler.

Colby Covington visiting Donald Trump
Colby Covington visiting Donald Trump (Image Courtesy- MMA Fighting)

Covington spoke about the phone call and mentioned that Trump had wished him luck before the fight. He said that Trump appreciated everything that he had done and wanted to meet Covington at the White House. Covington believed that Trump appreciated all the hard work he had done to make himself. He is also good friends with Trump’s sons.

Covington’s support of Trump has been criticized by some people. Despite the criticism, Covington has continued to support Trump. He has said that he believes in Trump’s policies and that he is proud to be an American.


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