“The Fat Lesbian” – Conor McGregor fires unprovoked shots at welterweight Gilbert Burns and attacks fighter’s physique

Conor McGregor has launched a new Twitter spat with Gilbert Burns after Burns made jokes about the USADA-UFC quarrel in which McGregor was engaged.

“The Fat Lesbian” – Conor McGregor fires unprovoked shots at welterweight Gilbert Burns and attacks fighter’s physique

Conor McGregor trolls Gilbert Burns ( Image via Imago )

Conor McGregor is not afraid to call out people, especially on social media. He is renowned for his habit of social media callouts. The average MMA fan was caught off guard when Conor McGregor called out Gilbert Burns.

In his most recent Twitter tirade, the former two-division UFC champion turned his attention to Gilbert Burns. This all started when Burns made a humorous comment about ‘The Notorious’ in connection to the UFC’s impending separation from USADA. Conor McGregor saw the post. However, he was not going to let things side.

McGregor took to Twitter to post an image of Burns. Accompanying it with a caption about his options he wrote, “Gilbert ‘the fat lesbian’ durino”. The tweet was since removed. However, hundreds of thousands of people saw it before it was deleted. In response, Burns decided to take McGregor’s challenge head-on with a tweet of his own, stating that McGregor could never step up to the plate.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor’s deleted tweet ( Image via X )

Gilbert Burns fights in the welterweight division of the UFC. He has an impressive record of 22 wins and six losses in his MMA career. Gilbert Burns suffered multiple muscle tears in his left shoulder during his fight at UFC 288. The good news was that despite the severity of the injury, Gilbert Burns did not require surgery. While surgery was not necessary, the recovery process remains slow. Burns would need several months to rehabilitate his shoulder before returning to training and fighting.

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Conor McGregor’s UFC comeback and rift between the USADA and the UFC

Conor McGregor is back in the USADA testing pool. This came after months of uncertainty on whether McGregor’s comeback to the UFC will be treated as a special case. However, what remains unclear is the UFC’s position on adhering to the six-month or more requirement.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor shares message from USADA ( Image via : L- Imago R – USADA )

In January 2024, USADA will no longer administer the UFC Anti-Doping Program. This was an official statement that confused fans about what will happen next. The UFC announced plans to continue its anti-doping program by partnering with Drug-Free Sport International, after the contract with USADA expires.

McGregor has indicated that he is considering a fight with Michael Chandler, potentially in 2024. There is significant excitement and speculation around McGregor’s comeback.

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