“That’s not me” – Conor McGregor hilariously breaks fan bubble after stranger posing as Irish star steals spotlight

Conor McGregor confused fans when they captured on video a lookalike of the UFC superstar and later trolled on them on Instagram.

“That’s not me” – Conor McGregor hilariously breaks fan bubble after stranger posing as Irish star steals spotlight

Conor McGregor's illusive UFC comeback keeps fans guessing ( Image via Imago )

Fans most recently spotted Conor McGregor at a dockyard, and the video went big enough to reach the Irish superstar. However, the fans seemed to have mistaken another man for the UFC superstar.


The video was uploaded to social media, showing a man with a similar stride to Conor McGregor. He walked up to a black van parked at a dockyard and was escorted out of the place. Fans recording from above could be heard, seemingly excited to have had a glimpse of the UFC superstar. However, when the video reached McGregor, he burst their bubble, claiming it was another person. “That’s not me,” he wrote with laughing emojis on X.

However, we all know the pranking nature of McGregor. Conor McGregor posted the video on his Instagram story. He asked for his followers’ judgment on whether or not the illusive man was really McGregor. A story later, McGregor revealed that it was indeed him walking down the dockyard. He revealed in the following stories that he relaxed himself with his crew on his Lamborghini yacht.

It has been over two years since Conor McGregor left the fight game. McGregor underwent surgery after a disastrous leg break while fighting Dustin Poirier in their trilogy fight at UFC 264. McGregor is finally ready for a comeback but USADA restrictions have barred him from taking part without enlisting in the testing pool first. However, McGregor recently revealed that the fight may happen sooner than expected.


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Conor McGregor’s fight with Michael Chandler may happen sooner than expected

Conor McGregor Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor face off after concluding TUF 31 ( Image source: Twitter )

Conor McGregor recently dropped a major update on his much-anticipated fight with Michael Chandler. The McGregor vs. Chandler fight has kept fans on their toes for a long time now. It all started when McGregor and Chandler went against each other as coaches in the recent season of ESPN’s The Ultimate Fighter.

McGregor has been illusive about his return to the UFC, and the ordeal is rather confusing. However, McGregor recently shared the official countdown to the fight on his X post. However, he later deleted the post. McGregor is still not inside the USADA testing pool, and this definitely raises questions about his availability for the events. Many fans expect that the UFC will give McGregor an exemption for the fight. But no official announcement from the UFC itself has come so far. Michael Chandler has been quite patient for his upcoming fight with Conor McGregor.

Chandler was confident that he would fight McGregor this year. However, fans and experts ruled out the possibility of the fight ever happening. But after months of waiting, it seems like Chandler’s wish might come true. Both the fighters are two of the most interesting contenders in the sport. They showed their chemistry in the recent TUF 31 series, and fans cannot wait for the two to lock horns in the Octagon. It would be interesting to see McGregor and Chandler trash-talking each other and giving fans an ultimate show.


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