Conor McGregor takes cheap shots at Petr Yan’s stature as he sarcastically welcomes Hasbulla Magomedov to the UFC

Conor McGregor takes cheap shots at Petr Yan’s stature as he sarcastically welcomes Hasbulla Magomedov to the UFC

McGregor dragged Yan into his ongoing beef with internet celeb Hasbulla

Conor McGregor has dragged former bantamweight champion, Petr Yan, into his raging feud against internet sensation and latest UFC signee, Hasbulla Magomedov. The Irishman posted a photo on Twitter, mocking Yan and congratulating Hasbulla for being signed with the UFC.

McGregor’s feud with Hasbulla started simply by his association with his arch-rival Khabib Nurmagomedov. The former two-weight champion has also taken multiple shots at the internet star, mainly via his Twitter. The most notable of these was when he expressed a wish to kick the Russian, saying, “I’d like to boot that little gimp, Hasbulla over the goalpost. “

Not to be outdone, Hasbulla returned the favor by naming his chicken after the Irish fighter, a move that led to McGregor calling him an inbred. In the latest development of this saga, McGregor has congratulated the 19-year old, while also taking shots at Yan, a day after his comments about Sean O’Malley being a, “McGregor wannabe”

On Twitter, McGregor tweeted, “Congrats Hasbulla on signing with the ufc. “ The only problem was the photo to accompany this tweet was that of Yan and not Magomedov. McGregor was taking an obvious jab at Yan’s stature. It is to be noted that this a contentious issue at the press conference, where Sean O’Malley questioned Yan’s height only for the Siberian to return with a brutal insult.

Yan is set to face Sean O’Malley in the final non-title bout in the UFC 280 line-up. The winner is set to be next in line to challenge for the bantamweight championship according to Dana White.

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Have Conor McGregor and Petr Yan clashed in the past?

Petr Yan x Conor McGregor x Hasbulla Magomeodv
Yan will face Sean O’Malley this weekend, a fighter many have compared to McGregor

While it is very possible that McGregor insulted Yan solely because of his comments at the media scrum or even O’Malley’s taunts about the Russian’s height, they both have a past dispute, still unresolved.

This started when McGregor’s last opponent, Dustin Poirier named, Yan as the best boxer in the UFC. A comment that did not go well with the Irishman. Responding to a fan-made tweet about the best boxers in the UFC, a list that contained former McGregor opponents in Holloway, Diaz, Aldo, Poirier, and Yan being on top, he wrote, ” Everyone has been pucked around by me if we are going off boxing. Yan is good tho, I like his style. I’d rip him up in that shell tho.”

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Responding to this the bantamweight cut straight to chase and challenged McGregor to a bout to put his money where his mouth is. He wrote, “…if you really want to box or to fight, I don’t care about the weight or the ruleset. I bet you won’t show up. “ Tagging McGregor, Yan accused the Irishman of being “all-talk.”

Calling Yan, “littler”, McGregor responded accepting the challenge but not to a professional fight, he wrote, “We will set up a spar or something similar in the near future. Will host you and your team in Ireland for one of our shows at Crumlin boxing club. We will figure it out then, kid. God bless ya.”

Who would you favor if this fight were to really go down, sometime down the line? Let us know!

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