“Torture and death” – Conor McGregor’s solution to deal with Ireland crisis gets cosign from Andrew Tate’s brother

Ireland's MMA star Conor McGregor, and controversial figure Tristan Tate unite in advocating for strict penalties after a tragic childcare incident shakes the nation.

“Torture and death” – Conor McGregor’s solution to deal with Ireland crisis gets cosign from Andrew Tate’s brother

Tristan Tate, brother of Andrew Tate support the opinion of Conor McGregor (Image via: IMAGO, Instagram/Kelvin Gastelum)

Conor McGregor is the biggest star in the MMA who rode a wave of Irish patriotism. McGregor’s love for Ireland is second to none. Recently, a childcare teacher and preschool kids were stabbed, and the incident caused riots in Ireland. The incident caused McGregor’s coach Johan Kavanagh, and Tristan Tate, brother of Andrew Tate, among others, to respond to the awful incident.


Kavanagh was very distressed about the incident. He took to social media to voice his concern and solution for such an incident. The tweet caught the attention of his pupil, Conor McGregor. This is what McGregor tweeted in response.

Torture and death.
Conor McGregor via X

Apparently, McGregor is of the opinion that such a heinous crime should result in hard imprisonment and capital punishment. McGregor is a father of three and is expecting a fourth child with his fiancee, Dee Devlin. McGregor’s solution found the support of Tristan Tate, brother of controversial kickboxer turned businessman Andrew Tate. Tristan Tate seconded McGregor’s tweet with a tweet of his own. This is what he tweeted:

I’ve always liked Conor, but now I super like him.
Tristan Tate via X.

Tate brothers are controversial for their outspoken opinions. However, they have found support from many UFC fighters. Sean O’Malley, Aljamain Sterling, and Israel Adesanya, to name a few, have voiced support for them.


Moreover, Tate appeared on O’Malley’s podcast in Dubai. Andrew Tate also has his share of detractors in the UFC. Sean Strickland has criticized Tate on many occasions. Moreover, Donald Cerrone called Andrew Tate for a crossover fight.

Conor McGregor coach John Kavanagh appalled by stabbing incident in Ireland

John Kavanagh is the head coach of “The Notorious” Conor McGregor. He founded the SBG gym in Ireland, which is now home to Conor McGregor, Johnny Walker, and Gunnar Nelson, to name a few. Kavanagh’s calm and composed demeanor is the antithesis of that of his student, Conor McGregor. Nevertheless, the two formed one of the unlikeliest partnerships to UFC glory.

Conor McGregor with coach John Kavanagh
Conor McGregor with coach John Kavanagh (Image via: Instagram/John Kavanagh)

Now, a stabbing incident in Ireland caused Kavanagh to vent out his frustration. He took to social media to voice his concerns. This is what he tweeted.

So what should happen with this demented scumbag who attacked women and kids today? Few years in jail at our expense to get out and repeat?? Needs to be deported immediately and never allowed back or just hang him, there's no "fixing" him.
John Kavanagh via X.

Apparently, the perpetrator of the violence is a naturalized Irish citizen of 20 years. Sources suggest the culprit to be of Algerian descent. Kavanagh suggests that such a heinous crime should result in an automatic deportation. He does not want the culprit to benefit from living in jail at the government’s expense. Kavanagh’s disciples, Conor McGregor and Peter Queeley provided their solution to the situation. Both suggested capital punishment for the culprit.


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