“So my wife had a C-Section,” Dana White changed date of son’s birth because of Chuck Liddell’s fight

Dana White's dedication to the UFC is unparalleled. In a shocking statement, he revealed changing his son's birth date due to clashing dates with an important fight.

“So my wife had a C-Section,” Dana White changed date of son’s birth because of Chuck Liddell’s fight

Dana White reveals changing his son's birth date to accommodate Chuck Liddell's fight in his schedule (Via Imago/

UFC is currently worth around $12 billion. The credit for the fight promotion’s success goes to Dana White. As such, he has always put the company first. In a shocking revelation, he disclosed changing his son’s birth to take care of a huge UFC event featuring Chuck Liddell.

Dana White recently joined Kamaru Usman and Henry Cejudo on their Pound 4 Pound show on YouTube. He spoke about some important business decisions he had made and the UFC’s rise in general. As such, White revealed that he moved his son’s birth date since it clashed with an important UFC fight featuring Chuck Liddell. Here is what the UFC CEO said:

My son Aidan, his due date was Chuck Liddell vs. somebody. I moved the date of his birth for the Chuck Liddell fight. I said, 'Yeah, that ain't gonna work! We got a big fight coming up.' So, my wife had a C-section.
Dana White via Pound 4 Pound podcast

This revelation from Dana White took Kamaru Usman and Henry Cejudo by surprise. As such, they resorted to laughter. But Usman soon praised White for being the businessman he was. Dana White formerly served as the UFC President and now as the Chief Executive Officer. The change occurred after the company’s merger with the WWE to form the TKO Groups.

Dana White has remained the face of the UFC for a long time. The head honcho has carried the company on his shoulders for decades and continues to do so. Even recently, the UFC CEO and the company officials cut down a massive deal with the plaintiffs of the UFC Antitrust Lawsuit to settle the case smoothly. Especially without a court trial, as it could’ve tarnished the name of the promotion. As such, White has navigated some tough situations and has prioritized the company first.

Dana White recalls earning his first million through the UFC

Every business presents itself with difficulty, and the UFC is no exception. As such, it was a tough road for the company owners Lorenzo & Frank Fertitta and Dana White. But, after years of hustle and mostly filing losses, UFC has risen to unimaginable heights. The UFC CEO recalled the first year the UFC turned profitable and how he earned a million dollars.

Dana White
Dana White (via Daily Star)

Dana White started by stating he hated the budget meeting, regardless of whether the company was profitable or not. However, he remembered promising to make a million dollars in one particular meeting with the Fertitta brothers. Here is what he said:

We're always on budget meetings, budget meetings, budget meetings. Then after the Ultimate Fighter, probably 2006, 2007, and we're in a budget meeting...I'm like does that say I'm gonna make a million dollars this year. Lorenzo's like 'Yeah! Yeah!'. I owned 10% of the UFC...That year was a million bucks, the first year I made a million dollars.
Dana White via Pound 4 Pound podcast

The UFC CEO rebounded through the difficult phase to earn his first million in 2007. After almost 15 years, Dana White’s net worth is estimated at around $500 million. As such, he has come a long way. Still, he served the UFC as one of the people in the highest capacity and worked for its growth constantly. Currently, the company is worth north of $12 billion.

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