“Piece of S*** Journalist” Dana White goes on a furious rant over ESPN’s Marc Raimondi’s article on fighter pay

Dana White was furious when asked by a reporter about ESPN's article on fighter pay, based on the GQ interview he did last week. Though he didn't name any names, White was talking about ESPN Writer, Marc Raimondi.

(left) Raimondi (Right) White

Dana White is not known for his reputation of handling tough questions. Whenever asked about something slightly controversial to do with himself or the company he runs, Dana is sure to immediately transform into a cartoonish villain ranting about whatever offended him with heavy use of profanities.

While these rants are fun video to play on repeat it helps White evade the true consequences of what would happen if he ever answered those questions. In a recently conducted GQ interview, however, maybe because of the informal setup, White was more open than he usually is with the MMA media, leading to some questionable statements at best.

In the interview, White would go on to promise that fighter pay would never go up as long as he is running the organization arguing that high purses is what ruined boxing, and made it into the complicated mess it is today. Along with this some other statements about, “they eat what they kill” sounded more akin to a statement appropriate for the dark ages of MMA than something a company that broadcasts internationally would say.

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Dana White accuses GQ of cutting out his interview

White came under immense scrutiny after gifting a youtuber $250k, an amount that is less than many top fighters’ show money.

The GQ interview had its fallout with many media outlets taking White’s comments about fighter pay as the centerpiece to their stories. The UFC’s broadcast partner, ESPN also picked up the interview and published a story about the same. Dana wasn’t too pleased about this and he let his feelings be known in a recent interview with Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole.

When asked about the headlines used by ESPN, Dana asked to clarify, “What you’re telling me is some scumbag media guys out there, watched an interview that wasn’t even theirs, took it out of context, and wrote stories about how fighter pay is never going up? I’m F***** Shocked!!” Dana expressed his disapproval of journalists writing stories out of interviews they did not conduct, He continued, “You’re gonna watch a fun-haha GQ QnA and write a story off it? You’re a piece of s***”

On this, Iole who’s in the same line of work tried to correct Dana that it wasn’t wrong to report on someone else’s interview saying, “You’re not a peice of s*** for doing that, “ To which Dana stood on his statement, arguing, “If that’s the question you wanna ask about, just f****** ask me”

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“You’re a typical scumbag piece of s*** journalist if you’re writing a story based off some goofy fun GQ f***** interview and you write a serious fighter pay story about it? F*** You!”

White then clarified his comments about fighter pay, saying he actually mean to convey that as long as he’s in the UFC, it won’t suffer the same problems of corruption and matchmaking that boxing often does. The piece in question was likely written by Marc Raimondi, a writer for ESPN.

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