Watch: Dana White spends $69 GRAND to buy this LETHAL WEAPON from a famous TV family

Dana White buys five hundred years old antique swords for his house in Vegas from Pawn Stars.

Dana White with Pawn stars
Dana White with Pawn stars

Dana White made UFC the billion-dollar business it is today. After joining the UFC back in 2001 as the president, White made several changes and single-handedly saved UFC from loss. After years of additions and making great deals, the UFC became a huge enterprise. In 2016, White along with the owners, the Fertitta brothers sold UFC for a whopping 4 billion dollars. This is considered one of the most lucrative deals in sports entertainment history.

Now, UFC is a major success and with success comes responsibilities. Being the president, Dana White takes care of his responsibilities. Interestingly even after being occupied for hours with work, Dana manages to spend time on his interests. One of which is collecting antique items.

White’s office is nothing less than a museum with many expensive as well as unique art pieces. White has antique guns, most importantly the one on his desk. An AK-47 gun is wrapped in money and the cartridges are filled with everything man fights for; oil, gold, blood, cocaine, diamond, religious symbols and seeds used to manufacture heroin. White also has paintings worth millions, samurai swords dating back to the 1500s and 1600s, samurai suits, prehistoric fossils etc. One of them is the complete skull of a sabre tooth tiger which White purchased from an auction in 2009.

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Dana White buys expensive katana sword from Rick Harrison of Pawn stars

Dana White with Pawn stars
Dana White with Pawn stars

Dana White was featured in one of the episodes of History TV original, Pawn Stars where the president of UFC bought some expensive swords.

The show host and owner of the shop, Rick Harrison who is also a friend of Dana White restored a katana from the 1600s in Japan. It cost him $30,000 but Harrison didn’t want to sell that sword. However, that prompted White to buy that sword even more.

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“The fact that you didn’t want to sell it made me want it more….I love the whole Japanese samurai tradition and the story and it’s a beautiful sword and I couldn’t refuse, so I took that one, too…..I’m building this weapons room in my house and what I’m really looking for today is a sword,” said White.

After a lot of negotiations and considerations, Harrison just couldn’t say no to the $69,000 that White offered for the sword. In the end, White was pretty happy for himself for that purchase.

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