Jake Paul calls out Dana White’s disgusting relationship with fighters “after having made millions” while fighters live check to check

Jake Paul is back to discussing fighter pay in the UFC after a long break from the subject caused by his own boxing event falling apart.

Jake Paul Dana White
Dana White and Jake Paul
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Jake Paul had to be quiet on Dana White and fighter pay ever since his MSG event was called off under suspicious circumstances and eventually had to let go of everyone on the undercard without pay. However, saying the bossman’s most recent GQ interview gave him ammunition would be an understatement.

Recently Dana White appeared on the GQ series, Undercover on The Internet, where a particular question about fighter pay seemed to set off sparks in White’s mind. The longtime chief of the UFC boasted, “As long as I’m there, it’s not gonna go up” adding that the pay was exactly where it should be for the fighters.

The justification given by Dana, saying, “They eat what they kill” to be barbaric and more suitable for the dark days of the UFC when it was considered to be human cock fighting rather than the established sport it has become today under a unified rule set and everything.

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Jake Paul believes Dana White reduces fighter’s options to quit the UFC

Jake Paul x Dana White
Paul was originally supposed to face Hasim Rahman Jr

Paul took out time to comment on the latest statements made by the boss regarding fighter pay on Twitter with a lengthy stanza.

Paul wrote on Twitter, “If my boss told me I am never getting a raise I would quit and go somewhere that actually values me. Right? But what if ur boss, who has made hundreds of millions from ur hard work told u he’s not increasing ur minimum pay and you’re not able to quit? “

Paul has long been criticizing the UFC and its hierarchy for the way they treat their fighters. His former opponents Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren have both stated that the fights with Paul, have netted them more money than any of their UFC fights, even when they were champions.

White on the other hand is more favourable in his review of himself and foghter pay saying in the GQ interview, “If you look at what we’ve done with the business the last 22 years, it’s incredible. Never been done, ever, the things we’ve done in the fight business. You always have to have something to b*** about, I guess. And fighters always want to make more money.”

While it’s a non argument that the proportion of money generated that goes to the fighters is clearly wrong and has not developed according to the times and the companies growth, (Standard range of 18-20%) many veterans argue that it was in fact the uniform kits that cut deepest into the fighters pocket as they no longer could accept lucrative sponsorship on their kits.

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