“That’s when you get KILLED!” Dana White who once bet $300,000 on one hand reveals mistakes people make in high-stakes gambling

Dana White divulges his gambling strategy, cautioning against the lure of 'one more bet' and the importance of knowing when to walk away for success.

“That’s when you get KILLED!” Dana White who once bet $300,000 on one hand reveals mistakes people make in high-stakes gambling

Dana White on gambling (Image via: IMAGO, Instagram)

UFC CEO Dana White is a notorious gambler with a penchant for high-stakes gambling. Joe Rogan had once revealed his bewilderment when he saw White gamble. White had also saved his friends with gambling, particularly Stephen Deleonardis of the Nelk Boys.

White was a recent guest on the FULL SEND podcast as he mediated the reconciliation between Bob Menery and the Nelk Boys. On the podcast, Menery asked White about how White approaches high-stakes gambling. This is what White said.

When you get greedy and it's the 'one more, one more, one more,' that's when you get killed. You got to go in, you got to hit, and you got to f*cking have the willpower to f*cking walk out and leave, no matter how much it is.
Dana White via Full Send podcast

White went on to state that he even bet $300,000 in Baccarat, which Menery witnessed. He also revealed that he made close to $200,000 the previous day as he helped Taylor Lewan. Lewan and Deleonardis have in the past gifted White $500,000 in the past. Nonetheless, White remarked that Deleonardis had trouble with gambling, and he was the one to stop his problem.

The UFC CEO has even spent 27 hours straight gambling, but he was not a fan of sports betting. A betting scandal in the past concerned the UFC due to controversial UFC fighter and coach James Krause. After the scandal, the UFC banned fighters and personnel from betting on UFC fights. After the controversy, athletic commissions and the UFC banned Krause, and he also had to sell his gym, Glory MMA & Fitness.

Dana White on how the relationship started with Donald Trump

UFC CEO Dana White is a close friend of Donald Trump, a relationship that started way before UFC became popular. Trump is a regular at big UFC PPV events. He was recently at UFC 296 in Las Vegas, supporting Colby Covington in the main event; Covington lost the fight.

Dana White and Donald Trump
Dana White and Donald Trump (Image via: IMAGO)

Dana White revealed how his relationship started on the recent FULL SEND podcast episode. He said that the UFC initially had a bad reputation, and venues were skeptical of hosting UFC events. However, Donald Trump provided the Trump Taj Mahal to host the event. The events were a success, and thus the relationship started between the two.

White was one of the most notable personalities who endorsed Trump during his first Presidential campaign. Nonetheless, White does not endorse any political party. He has described himself as a political centrist but was very critical of the Democrats in California. UFC commentator Joe Rogan also shared the same sentiment.

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