WATCH: Dana White’s friends win UFC CEO $500,000 with just $10,000 in ‘gambling miracle’

Dana White shows off casino chips worth half a million dollars gifted to him by SteveWillDoIt and Taylor Lewan. This is the largest sum anyone has won for the UFC CEO.

WATCH: Dana White’s friends win UFC CEO $500,000 with just $10,000 in ‘gambling miracle’

Dana White shows off $500K worth of chips gifted to him by SteveWillDoIt and Taylor Lewan (via X)

Social media phenomenon Stephen Deleonardis, better known as SteveWillDoIt, and his partner, Taylor Lewan, won $500,000 at a Las Vegas casino. He then gave all these chips, worth 500K, to UFC CEO Dana White. This expensive gesture is the latest significant gift exchange between the Nelk Boys celebrity and the UFC CEO. It came after a gambling adventure.

According to Dana White, SteveWillDoIt and his partner, Taylor Lewan from ‘Bussin With The Boys’ on Barstool, set out on a goal to transform a $10,000 commitment into a whopping $500,000. The two were successful in their ambitious endeavor. They overcame the odds of earning such a large sum in the world of high-stakes gaming. This is what White said:

These two started with $10,000 and went on a mission to win me half a million dollars. And they did it
Dana White via Instagram

This incredible gesture of generosity comes after SteveWillDoIt previously stunned Dana White in December 2021. At the time, he gifted White with a luxurious $300,000 Maybach vehicle. In return, White gave $250,000 to Steve’s fellow Nelk Boy leader, Kyle Foregeard, for his birthday. The most recent transaction comprises a staggering half-million dollars in casino chips. This demonstrated the enormity of SteveWillDoIt’s profits after a wild gambling binge in Las Vegas.

He emphasized their extraordinary feat, pointing out the improbability of turning $10,000 into $500,000. White accepted the scenario’s absurdity, underlining SteveWillDoIt and Taylor Lewan’s gambling venture’s daring and success.

Dana White and his interest in gambling activities

Dana White, the UFC CEO, is not just a CEO but also a high-stakes blackjack player known for his remarkable abilities and large victories. White’s gambling prowess adds another dimension to his extensive character. He already has a luxurious lifestyle, which was fueled by the $4 billion sale of a controlling interest in the UFC in 2016.

Dana White is well known for his gambling exploits
Dana White is well known for his gambling exploits (via YouTube)

White’s blackjack exploits became public knowledge during a 2014 edition of UFC’s Embedded series, where he revealed his winning streak to fans. Casinos finally took note, and some even blacklisted him owing to his propensity to empty them out regularly. In one case, he went to the Palms in Las Vegas and walked away with a large cash victory, displaying his ability at the blackjack table.

White’s ability at the table is so significant that he has gained a reputation for tipping clerks $500 without blinking. White’s lavish lifestyle and larger-than-life demeanor remain a compelling feature of his identity as he continues negotiating the high-stakes blackjack world.

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