Dana White’s LEAKED text messages to Lorenzo Fertitta shows UFC supremo celebrating ‘cut throat nasty’ fighter contracts

Recent leaks reveal hard-nosed business strategies by UFC leaders, potentially impacting their defense in a major $1.6 billion antitrust lawsuit involving fighter pay and contracts.

Dana White’s LEAKED text messages to Lorenzo Fertitta shows UFC supremo celebrating ‘cut throat nasty’ fighter contracts

Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White with Conor McGregor (Image via: Instagram)

Dana White and the UFC face a class action lawsuit for antitrust issues. Anton Tabueno of Bloody Elbow recently broke the news about leaked messages between Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta, former owner of the UFC. The leaked messages are substantial proof for the plaintiffs of the lawsuit.


Judge Boulware already made the fighter’s purse of the top earners of the UFC public. With the move, the public came to know the fight purse of Conor McGregor, which was significantly lower than expected. Moreover, the fight purse of Brock Lesnar was the biggest on average. Now, the recent leaked message has put the UFC in a bad spot. This was White’s message to Fertita:

Bro, u know i love u to fukn death as it is but what u pulled off this week with Melendez and “other dude” is fukn BAD ASS! Fukn cut throat nasty business like u see in movies!!

The message was a response to the move by Fertitta to disallow Gilbert Melendez to sign with Bellator MMA. Fertitta responded similarly. This is what Fertitta replied to White:

We gotta keep taking these f—rs oxygen till they tap out. We have sacrificed too much to let anyone get traction now.

Tabueno of Bloody Elbow curated the news after the media publication got hold of the leaked messages. The leaked message will hurt the $1.6 billion anti-trust lawsuit for the UFC and Dana White. Nevertheless, Dana White has no qualms about the lawsuit. Moreover, they are confident of winning the lawsuit.


Dana White compared Amanda Nunes’ retirement similar to the retirement of Lorenzo Fertitta

Amanda Nunes is the arguable GOAT of women’s MMA. Nunes retired after she defended the bantamweight title at UFC 289 against Irene Aldana. Throughout her illustrious career, she defeated Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm, Miesha Tate, Valentina Shevchenko, and Cris Cyborg.

Amanda Nunes
Amanda Nunes (Image via Newsnation)

The retirement of Nunes at the event surprised White. In the post-fight press conference of UFC 289, Dana White compared the retirement to that of Lorenzo Fertitta. Fertitta retired from the UFC in 2016 when the promotion was sold to WME-IMG for $4 billion. White was not happy to see his longtime friend retire from his position.

Fertitta is now the Chairperson of Station Casinos. Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta still have business ventures together. White and Fertitta were schoolmates. Like White, Fertitta endorses Donald Trump. Moreover, the Fertitta’s are one of the biggest donors of the Republican Party from the state of Nevada.

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