‘LEAKED’ email transcripts of Dana White and UFC owner showing ‘dirty’ tactics towards Nate Diaz leaves fans enraged

Under the ongoing antitrust lawsuit case, leaked emails suggest that the UFC deployed unfair strategies to undermine Nate Diaz contract.

‘LEAKED’ email transcripts of Dana White and UFC owner showing ‘dirty’ tactics towards Nate Diaz leaves fans enraged

Leaked emails from 2010 revealed Dana White's UFC tactics in negotiating Nate Diaz contract (via IAMGO/wallpapers.com)

Nate Diaz was one of the UFC’s biggest draws. However, he was sabotaged with low pay in his initial days in the UFC. It was no surprise as Dana White’s UFC always received criticism for underpaying its fighters. With the recent class action lawsuit against the promotion, hard truths have come to light. As such, the UFC’s deceitful tactics to lowball Nate Diaz in 2010 were recently revealed in a series of leaked emails.

The UFC antitrust case has revealed a lot of evidence regarding fighters’ pay. Recently, Bloody Elbow reporter John S. Nash released the leaked emails between UFC executives which shed light on Nate Diaz’s salary. It involved former UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, former owner Lorenzo Fertitta, and current UFC CEO Dana White discussing sabotaging Nate Diaz if he disagreed with their terms. Here’s what Joe Silva wrote:

I lowballed them on purpose, the first offer knowing they would turn it down. How about I comeback with 29+29 32+32 35+35 38+38. If they turn it down, I put him in a prelim against a really tough guy for his last fight.
Joe Silva via email

The emails clearly stated that Nate Diaz received a better offer from another promotion Strikeforce. However, the UFC used their fight bonuses as leverage to subvert the Stockton native’s pay. Still, Diaz’s trainer, Cesar Gracie tried his best to negotiate a fair offer for him.

Nate Diaz always had a feud with the UFC and Dana White concerning his contract. Even in 2022, when he fought his last fight of the contract with the UFC, he was booked against a young, hungry wolf in Khamzat Chimaev. The UFC tried to exploit Diaz’s fame and avenge him for hating the promotion. However, he narrowly escaped the bout as Chimaev caused a mix-up in matchups by missing weight.

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Fans react to the leaked emails that revealed UFC’s attempt to underpay Nate Diaz

The MMA community was well aware of the undermining salary of the UFC to its fighters. However, it’s shocking that Nate Diaz, one of the popular fighters, faced the same fate. He only made a significant amount after 20 fights in the UFC when he faced Conor McGregor in two consecutive bouts. Now, leaked emails between UFC directorial revealed the cunning tactics they used to undermine fighter’s pay

Dana White's UFC involved in using unfair advantages while negotiating Nate Diaz contract
Dana White’s UFC was involved in using unfair advantages while negotiating Nate Diaz’s contract (via Yahoo Sports/CNN)

The emails stated that if Nate Diaz declined their offer, they would put him in the prelims against a tough opponent. This was just dirty politics in the eyes of the fight fans. As such, the fans reacted to the leaked emails. Here are some interesting reactions:

Fans slammed the UFC for such low wages. However, a few people emphasized that the UFC was just conducting business. But, in hindsight, staying in the UFC had benefitted Nate Diaz in raising his stocks. However, fight fans believed that he was vandalized even in his last fight. It remains to be seen if this becomes problematic for the UFC in their class action lawsuit troubles.


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