“I was stuck in same position” – Demetrious Johnson reveals the reason behind leaving UFC

“I was stuck in same position” – Demetrious Johnson reveals the reason behind leaving UFC

Joe Rogan and Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson was one the most successful flyweight fighters in the UFC. So when he moved to ONE championship in exchange for Ben Askren to UFC back in 2018 it took the whole MMA community by shock.


Recently Joe Rogan hosted Demetrious Johnson on his podcast. In the episode, Demetrious discussed why he chose to leave UFC for One Championship. Demetrious revealed that he wanted to do something different after his loss to Henry Cejudo. 

Speaking on the show Demetrious Johnson said, “It was frustrating but then at the time I was like I wonder if I could try something different…I wondered if could get out of my contract, I was like try do something different because at that time , I looked it as this way if  I were to fight Cejudo again for the third time I could go either two ways, one I beat Henry then I am still stuck in the same situation I am right now when at the time they were trying to get rid of, they’re in talks about getting rid off the flyweight division or two If I lose to Henry of course I was stuck in same position when I losed to him again…so why not go on and explore other options right and then the trade talks came in”

Demetrious Johnson was considered one the best pound-for-pound fighters in the UFC and carried the same success into ONE championship. Johnson currently holds the ONE Flyweight title and was a key player in the growth of the organization.


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Demetrious Johnson reveals Joe Rogan influenced his transfer to the ONE Championship

demetrious johnson Joe Rogan
Demetrious johnson Joe Rogan

Further discussing his move to ONE Championship, Johnson revealed how he heard rumors about  Joe Rogan convincing Dana White to make the trade happen.

Speaking about the exchange Jonhson said, “I heard you had something to do with it as well. Ben Askren has been wanting to fight in the UFC for a long time. ONE Championship and the UFC were talking back and forth between Hunter [Campbell] and Matt Hume, and Malki [Kawa]. They were like, hey, let’s do a trade…We’ll give you [UFC] Ben Askren for Demetrious Johnson. At one point, I heard that Dana [White] was like, Nah, I don’t wanna make that happen… I was hanging out somewhere, and somebody said, you know, Joe Rogan had a piece in it… I was told that you kinda convinced Dana.”

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But Joe Rogan denied any of his involvement in the trade and revealed that he wanted to get Ben Askren to UFC  during his (Askren) Bellator days. Joe said, “That’s not really accurate. I definitely was trying to get them [UFC] to get Ben Askren, but I was trying to get them to get Ben Askren back when he was with Bellator. When he was in his prime.”

The trade has seemed to have benefited both promotions, especially considering that Ben Askren has been responsible for creating the fastest knockout in UFC when he faced Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239.

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