Despite not winning fans over, Jailton Almeida breaks HUGE UFC record in Derrick Lewis fight

Derrick Lewis couldn't help but ask Jailton Almeida in the middle of the fight as the Brazilian decided to spend 25 minutes on top of Lewis.

Despite not winning fans over, Jailton Almeida breaks HUGE UFC record in Derrick Lewis fight

Derrick Lewis fighting Jailton Almeida (Image via X)

Jailton Almeida breaks the record for having the most control time in a single UFC fight against Derrick Lewis. In a much-anticipated heavyweight showdown with fans on the edge of their seats, the main event of UFC Sao Paulo delivered an interesting spectacle. Jailton Almeida, displaying remarkable resilience and skill, battled it out with the formidable Derrick Lewis. The atmosphere in the arena was electric as these two titans clashed; however, it wasn’t what the fans expected it to be.

Almeida had his plan sorted and, from the beginning, swiftly established octagon dominance. The fight began when he struck Lewis with a powerful punch. With comparatively little difficulty, the Brazilians defeated Lewis and began searching for chances to submit. 


This is how pretty much the whole fight went and Almeida dominated the entire fight, making several submission attempts and keeping total control. Derrick Lewis made an attempt to get away, but Jailton maintained control and used ground-and-pound tactics.

This made the fight fans lose interest in the fight and call the bout extremely boring. After the decision to win, the Brazilian got a lot of criticism from fight fans for his approach against the ‘Black Beast’. Despite the backlash from fans, Almeida achieved a UFC milestone by setting a new record for the longest control time in a heavyweight division UFC fight, totaling 21 minutes and 10 seconds.

Will Jailton Almeida fight Ciryl Gane in Paris next?

After that performance and win against Derrick Lewis, Jailton Almeida is currently on a 15-fight win streak, out of which six came in UFC. The Dana White Contender Series fighter has shown great potential to challenge for the heavyweight title in the future. 

Ciryl Gane
Ciryl Gane (Image Courtesy: Youtube)

After the fight in his octagon interview, Almeida recalled that the previous day, Lewis had expressed his eagerness for a brawl, and he had confidently stated that it would indeed be a remarkable spectacle. Almeida acknowledged that he and his team were well aware of his opponent’s powerful punches, and they successfully executed their strategy to control him during the fight.

Almeida then went on to express his desire to face Ciryl Gane next, emphasizing his willingness to compete in Paris or any location in Brazil and urging Gane to accept the challenge. Gane, in his last fight, bounced back from his previous loss and defeated Sergey Spivak via TKO. However, fans don’t think that the UFC is going to make Almeida and Gane anytime soon.

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