Did Anthony Smith have PTSD in fight? Pros and fans worried for veteran as he yelled ‘you’re attacking my family’ in octagon

Anthony Smith had an outburst at Johny Walker at UFC Fight Night. Fans and professional fighters debate the issue

Did Anthony Smith have PTSD in fight? Pros and fans worried for veteran as he yelled ‘you’re attacking my family’ in octagon

Anthony Smith had his home invaded in 2020 (Image Source - Getty)

Anthony Smith is a light heavyweight contender in the UFC who has grown in popularity over the years. The fighter is considered a veteran in the sport as he has been in the sport for over a decade. He has proven to be a tough competitor in the UFC. However, ‘Lion Heart’ caused concern among fans in his recent fight against Johnny Walker. In the second round of the fight, Smith yelled, “You’re attacking my family!” This caused a major outburst on Twitter and started a conversation about PTSD. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)


PTSD is a trigger that occurs after experiencing a traumatic event. Fighters tend to deal with the disorder as they are inflicted with damage to the brain. In the case of Anthony Smith, it seemed severe. Although Johnny Walker had not hurt his family, Smith felt the need to yell at him as such. The fighter sparked a debate on Twitter between fellow professional fighters on the disorder and ‘Lion Heart’s career following the event.

The public perceives Anthony Smith’s home invasion as a cause for his PTSD. In 2020, the fighter’s home was invaded by an intruder who entered at night. Smith fought off the intruder, who was later revealed to be a wrestler himself. Although the motives are hazy, he was luckily unable to hurt Anthony’s family. Following the incident, the fighter had gone on to narrate the story and how it took a toll on his mental health. He mentioned that he had experienced trauma after the home invasion had occurred.

Fans and professional fighters believe that this caused a trigger in Anthony Smith. The 33-year-old fighter had mentioned how the incident had affected his plans and mental state going further into his career.


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Professional fighters and fans of Anthony Smith discuss the matter on Twitter

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Anthony Smith (Image Source – Fight Site)

Anthony Smith’s recent outburst in the octagon had caused concern within the MMA community. His fight against Johny Walker at UFC Fight Night caused a debate on Twitter on PTSD and mental health issues for a fighter.

Fans of the fighter believed that the home invasion incident was the cause of the outburst. Professional fighters like Chris Curtis expressed their concerns on Twitter. He said, “I genuinely think that home invasion may have scarred Anthony Smith more than we think. I can’t get the you attacked my family line out of my head. Like, that is a man drawing on ptsd mid fight.”

However, the other side of the discourse gives their thoughts on the effusion to be a strategy. Intensifying a traumatic emotion to get himself ready for a fight. Although Anthony Smith has not confirmed either side of the debate, it hasn’t stopped them. A fan tweeted, “It’s more of a psychological method to Amp himself up to try and force himself into a groove.”


Anthony Smith is known to be a tough contender in the sport. It is only fair that the fighter receives support from fans regarding his issue. He has been open about his struggles with mental health and visiting therapy regarding it.

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