“Teaching young girls how to bang” – Ex-UFC contender slams Ian Garry’s 40-year-old wife’s controversial ‘how to be a wag’ book

Jake Shields thinks that Ian Garry's unwarranted reaction to defend against Sean Strickland should be in form of a match.

“Teaching young girls how to bang” – Ex-UFC contender slams Ian Garry’s 40-year-old wife’s controversial ‘how to be a wag’ book

Jake Shields scrums over Ian Garry and wife, who published controversial title on ensnaring famous men (Source: IMAGO/Pinterest)

Recently, the UFC Welterweight star, Ian Machado Garry, came into the limelight because of his wife. Fans and peers have trolled the couple on the subject matter of a publication. Even the unhinged Sean Strickland pitched in the commentary. Strickland and others jibed at the Irishman’s wife, British sports presenter Layla Anna-Lee for her publication.

The title goes as ‘How to be a WAG.’; the moniker is a short-form for Wife and girlfriend to celebrities and sports personalities. This notion has not acclimated well with everybody. Ex-UFC contender Jake Shields has also weighed in on it.


Garry married Anna-Lee in 2022. Considering the 14-year age difference between the couple, their wedding raised many eyebrows. The guidebook is said to teach women how to create and maintain relationships with famous athletes. The notion of deceptive means to ensnare celebrities has been bashfully detracted thus. Even Sean Strickland has mocked the victim status that Garry inevitably falls into. Taking to X, Shields wrote:

Before they dated UFC fighter Ian Garry’s 40 year wife wrote a book teaching young girls how to bang and date professional athletes  Apparently her ex-husband also lives With them This is worse than the entire Logan Paul situation...

On the other hand, Strickland, who posted a few tweets on the subject, faces counter-criticism from Garry. He later tweeted again, revealing messages from Garry, threatening to sue him. Shields has been very critically opinionated about the relationship.

He now thinks that Garry should not sue Strickland. He suggested a potential Garry vs. Strickland UFC MMA bout would be an ideal way to settle their differences.


Garry is a UFC welterweight star on the rise. Except for one catchweight bout, he’s fought at welterweight throughout his pro-MMA tenure. Garry, who is the #10 welterweight in the official rankings, is to face #8 ranked Vicente Luque at UFC 296 on December 16, 2023.

Jake Shields urges Ian Garry to settle differences with Sean Strickland inside the octagon

Middleweight champion Sean Strickland bears the mark of being a brash and overtly outspoken presence within the promotion. Correspondingly, he is thus a fan-favorite. This has often earned him monikers of being a true American Champion or the “people’s champion”; by the people.

Contrarily to his usual criticism on usual topics, Strickland has now chosen to post about welterweight Ian Garry’s wife. The latter is in the spotlight for a title publication guidebook on dating famous men. The whole incident has been explicitly bashed upon.

Ian Garry threatens Sean Strickland with a lawsuit
Ian Garry threatens Sean Strickland with a lawsuit (Source: BVM Sports)

But Garry has taken it upon himself to retort back to Strickland, with vengeance, He has correspondingly chosen to sue the fighter for defaming his wife. Afterward, though, Jake Shields came in defense of Strickland. He is of the opinion that a grudge bout, on the lines of Dillon DanisLogan Paul, would better suit the situation at hand.

Shields, formerly a welterweight himself, has suggested that Garry should settle his differences with Strickland through a fight rather than a lawsuit. Strickland, the reigning UFC middleweight champion, is to make his maiden defense with Dricus Du Plessis in the headliner bout of UFC 297, in 2024.

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