“Respected you more if you threatened me with violence” – Sean Strickland LEAKS Ian Garry’s personal chats for threatening to sue over wife’s controversy

From marriage criticism to online feuds, delve into the UFC drama ahead of Ian Garry and Sean Strickland's high-stakes bouts at UFC 296 and UFC 297.

“Respected you more if you threatened me with violence” – Sean Strickland LEAKS Ian Garry’s personal chats for threatening to sue over wife’s controversy

Sean Strickland criticizes Ian Garry marriage with Layla Anna-Lee (Image via: IMAGO, Instagram/Ian Garry)

Undefeated UFC welterweight Ian Garry is on controversial waters due to his marriage to his wife, Layla Anna-Lee. Garry first faced negative comments from many, including Sean Strickland, after he changed his surname from Garry to Machado-Garry. Machado is the maiden name of his wife. This was followed by his online feud with MMA G*ru, a popular MMA analyst.


Strickland provided his take on the matter. He criticized the marriage in a recent social media post. Ian Garry responded by threatening to sue Strickland. Strickland leaked messages of the conversation. This is what Sean Strickland told Garry on their private chat:

I would of respected you more if you threatened violence against me but i guess it makes sens.. c*ck.
Sean Strickland via X.

The feud with MMA G*ru was a result of a book by Layla Anna-Lee. She wrote the book ‘How to be a WAG?‘. It was published in 2012. The 11-page guidebook offered tips to aspiring ‘WAGs’. It was deemed as predatory by MMA G*ru.

Moreover, her ex-husband, Richard Cullen is the nutritionist of Garry. This caused Strickland to criticize Garry for his marriage yet again. Strickland’s criticism of the marriage was due to her being 14 years older, having a child with her ex, and the surname change.


Ian Garry and Strickland have fights lined up in the upcoming PPV events. Garry will be facing Vicente Luque at UFC 296, while Strickland will headline UFC 297 in Vancouver against Dricus Du Plessis. Garry is undefeated in his professional MMA career and recently trained with Conor McGregor. He even recalled a fanboy moment while training with McGregor in a recent interview.

Ian Garry got the best birthday gift from his son Leo

Ian Garry celebrated his 26th birthday on November 17. The undefeated Irish welterweight is the youngest fighter in the welterweight rankings. His son Leo, with Layla Machado-Garry, turned one on October 25, 2023. Interestingly, it was his son that gave him the best birthday gift.

Ian Garry with his son Leo
Ian Garry with his son Leo (Image via: Instagram/Ian Garry)

His son made his baby steps recently, just after Garry’s birthday. Garry found it to be the best birthday gift for his 26th birthday. Garry was playing football with his team when Leo made his first steps toward the football.

Aside from Leo, he has a stepson Lucas. Lucas is the son of his wife and her ex-husband, Richard Cullen. Moreover, Cullen is Garry’s nutritionist. He joined Garry as a performance nutritionist shortly after Garry began a relationship with Layla Anna-Lee.


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