WATCH: Excited Conor McGregor talks fighting with Snoop Dogg lighting up a marijuana blunt

Conor McGregor shared the stage and spent time with legendary Snoop Dogg in Dublin amidst full paparazzi coverage.

WATCH: Excited Conor McGregor talks fighting with Snoop Dogg lighting up a marijuana blunt

Conor McGregor and Snoop Dogg in Dublin ( Image via Twitter )

The impromptu meeting between Conor McGregor and Snoop Dogg sent ripples of excitement throughout the internet. Former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor crossed paths with the famous Snoop Dogg. Their meet-up followed Snoop Dogg’s electrifying performance in Dublin during a concert. McGregor and Snoop Dogg were seen together after the rapper brought the Irish superstar on stage at his concert.

On the night of Snoop Dogg‘s Dublin performance, McGregor shared an Instagram picture of himself en route to the venue. As the evening unfolded, many photos of the interaction surfaced on the internet, capturing the unexpected collab between McGregor and Snoop Dogg. Videos surfaced of Conor talking to Snoop about fighting in his zealous manner while Snoop, as usual, lit up a marijuana blunt.


Conor McGregor has been away from the fight game since UFC 264, which happened in 2021. He endured a devastating leg injury, fracturing his left tibia and fibula, leading to a TKO loss to Dustin Poirier.

Since then, McGregor has recovered and is ready to make his UFC comeback. He was scheduled to face Michael Chandler in a welterweight showdown. However, current circumstances suggest he will not make his UFC comeback anytime soon. Dana White has since hinted at a potential return for McGregor next year, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated comeback.

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Joe Rogan expressed his faith in Conor McGregor in potential comeback

Joe Rogan firmly believed in Conor McGregor’s ability to rebound from his leg injury potential comeback. During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan expressed his thoughts on McGregor’s situation.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan comments on Conor McGregor’s comeback (Image source: Twitter )

“If it wasn’t for his leg snap, he’s still in the prime of his career…” Rogan remarked. He also highlighted the significant impact of McGregor’s injury. However, Joe Rogan remained hopeful about McGregor’s prospects.

“I just think that if anybody can do it, it’s going to be Conor,” Rogan said. He remarked that if anyone was going to come back from an injury as such and fight again, it was going to be Conor. Rogan compared McGregor’s situation to other fighters, such as Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, who faced similar obstacles later in their careers. However, Rogan also expressed apprehensions about McGregor’s drive. Rogan cautioned that McGregor’s immense wealth and status as a champion might reduce his motivation to return to the octagon.


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