“One on one, two on one, or five on one…” Fan-favorite Chael Sonnen gives fans glimpse prime self after tempting question

Chael Sonnen hasn't forgotten his elite trash talking skills as the legend goes on a rant during a interaction with a fan

“One on one, two on one, or five on one…” Fan-favorite Chael Sonnen gives fans glimpse prime self after tempting question

Chael Sonnen (Image Courtesy: ESPN)

Chael Sonnen gave fans a blast from the past after he recreated his iconic rant at UFC 292. This weekend, the UFC 292 PPV event is going to take place inside the TD Garden In Boston, Massachusetts. In the main event bout, Sean O’Malley will take his shot at UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling. 

The hype around the event is massive, and to add more to it, the UFC invited Chael Sonnen to participate in a Q&A segment. During the conversation with fans, one asked Sonnen how tough he really is in real life.

Initially, Sonnen tried to answer the question in a calm way mentioning that after he retired from the sport, his ideology toward fighting changed. However, it took a sharp turn when the UFC veteran mentioned that he still got it and jokingly said that he beat everybody in the UFC roaster. 

He said: “I’m being humble. Yeah, I’m the man. I will whip them all. One on one, two on one or five on one, I will make all need 911. Don’t be fooled by these glasses okay. Tough as nails. Women’s pet and the men’s regret.” 

Sonnen recreated the iconic post-fight interview of his UFC days, in which the fighter mentioned that he will take any number of opponents at the same time and send them to the hospital. It was a good rant, and the fans certainly got excited when Sonnen said that again during the Q&A.

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Joe Rogan reveals why Chael Sonnen was the best guy to interview

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan (Image Courtesy: JRE)

Chael Sonnen is indeed known for his exceptional trash-talking abilities and his charismatic persona in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). He’s been involved in numerous memorable feuds and pre-fight verbal exchanges, which have added to the entertainment value of the sport. While he’s a skilled fighter, his trash-talking prowess is often considered one of his defining characteristics in the MMA community. 

The term “undisputed” is typically used to refer to a fighter who holds a championship title without any dispute or controversy, and Chael Sonnen hasn’t held an undisputed UFC championship title during his career. But despite that, his fans often call him undefeated and undisputed for his iconic personality and confidence.

Back then, even Joe Rogan was a fan of Sonnen and his antics. “Chael Sonnen was the best guy to interview. He was the first guy to really figure out pro wrestling style promotion with legit fight skills,” said Rogan in one of his podcasts. Sonnen figured out the game way before anyone else and used his mouth to create hype around him, which ultimately helped him get more attention in his fights.

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