“Real classic bad motherf**ker” – Conor McGregor revisits Chael Sonnen’s AMAZING trash talking against Anderson Silva

Conor McGregor throws appreciation to former UFC superstar Chael Sonnen's classic trash-talking during his rivalry against Anderson Silva.

Conor McGregor and Chael Sonnen
Conor McGregor and Chael Sonnen

UFC superstar Chael Sonnen walked so stars like Conor McGregor could run in the UFC. The former middleweight/light heavyweight fighter was a master of mind games and selling fights and the Irish fighter can’t help but give the former fighter his flowers.

Conor McGregor recently stumbled upon an old interview clip of Chael Sonnen posted by MMA reporter, Ariel Helwani. The clip was from back in the day when the biggest rivalry in the promotion was between Sonnen and former middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Ariel Helwani in a recent tweet posted a clip of Sonnen ripping his opponent and doing what he always does best. The fighter was known for his hilarious trash-talking and one shouldn’t be surprised if Conor took a page out of Chael’s book for his fighting career. Conor is no stranger to trash talking either and as the saying, “game recognizes game”, McGregor showered praise for Sonnen in a recent tweet.

“a real classic bad motherf**ker is Chael P. Gotta give it to him,” wrote The Notorious One, a master of mind games himself. Ariel then responded with the classic Chael quote, “Undefeated and undisputed!” to the Irishman’s comment.

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“Them shoes talk better than him” – When Conor McGregor and Chael Sonnen roasted each other on stage

Chael Sonnen and Conor McGregor
Chael and McGregor during an interview

It is not often when you get to see three of the greatest trash talkers in the history of the promotion get together on the same stage. Michael Bisping, McGregor, and Sonnen got together for UFC Fight Night: Manchester back in 2013.

All three legendary fighters entertained the fans’ questions while simultaneously taking friendly jabs at each other. While McGregor dressed up in a suit for the conference, Sonnen and Bisping dressed casually, and sure enough the “American Gangster” drew first blood by poking fun at Conor’s pants.

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“What are these pants you have on, what is this?” said Chael while Conor took no time to point out Sonnen’s shoes and reply, “What are them shoes you have on, motherf**ker?” Chael hilariously replied, “These are what gangsters wear.” Conor got the last laugh with a killer line, “Your shoes talk better than you.” Even Chael couldn’t help but laugh at that.

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