“If God exists” Fans pray for Israel Adesanya’s downfall after his embarrassing performance against Jared Cannonier at UFC 276

“If God exists” Fans pray for Israel Adesanya’s downfall after his embarrassing performance against Jared Cannonier at UFC 276

Israel Adesanya x Jared Cannonier

Israel Adesanya reigned supreme over Jared Cannonier at UFC 276 after 5 rounds of dull action. The fact that this was the third fight in a row, featuring Adesanya with considerably low output wasn’t forgotten by fans and the fight was unanimously panned.


Exacerbated by Adesanya’s constant statements before the fight when he promises to make quick work of his opponents with a flashy finish, fans piled on the champion for yet another decision victory while taking minimal risks.

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Fan’s react to snoozefest between Jared Cannonier and Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya x Jared Cannonier
Cannonier tries landing on an elusive Adesanya

Here are some of the best fan reactions to the main event at UFC 276


The commentary teams’ constant hyping up of Izzy’s bare minimum was also panned

The last fight that Adesanya had which stuck in your memory might have changed something in the Champion.

Also not to be forgotten that was his last finish in the UFC since almost 2 years

The flashy walkout that heightened expectations was all in vain in hindsight


The worst part, fans who paid for expensive tickets walked away as they weren’t getting their money’s worth

Everyone else had their eyes and hopes set on Alex Pereira to bring some new blood to the division

MMA fans proudly calling Boxing to be a boring sport were hiding in their bills tonight

Manifesting an Alex Pereira title reign seemed to be on the top of everyone’s minds


Although the threat that wrestlers may prove for the nascent MMA career of “Poatan” wasn’t overlooked

Cannoniers problem with not performing like his usual self in main event was also noted

More criticism was laid on the fancy WWE style entrance that amounted to nothing

Fighter pay awareness was raised bit with specific aim at decreasing the pay for Adesanya


Izzy’s knack for flashiness without a pay off way also trolled by the fans

Another boring championship fight in recent months also got their much deserved shout-out

All in all, Anderson Silva’s legacy at Middleweight is safe and secure

How do you rate Israel Adesanya’s performance at UFC 276? Are you among the many praying for his downfall against Alex Pereira?


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