“Biggest F**k you” – Francis Ngannou brutally trolls former boss Dana White by creating new ‘GIMIK’ Fight promotions

Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou exhibition bout is set to take place on 28th October in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

“Biggest F**k you” – Francis Ngannou brutally trolls former boss Dana White by creating new ‘GIMIK’ Fight promotions

Francis Ngannou Trolls Dana White ( Image via : NBC/MMA Fighting)

Former UFC champion Francis Ngannou will have his hands full after announcing his boxing debut. The predator will go head to head against long-awaited opponent Tyson Fury on 28th October in Riyadh. However, Ngannou after announcing his return Ngannou has taken a big shot at former boss Dana White with his subtle call out.


After facing contractual issues with UFC, Francis Ngannou decided to vacate his heavyweight title. He became a free agent and was highly looking forward to making his boxing debut. While Ngannou was approached by many promotions, he had no solid news of his next fight. Many believed the predator fumbled the bag by leaving UFC hoping to get a big payday. However, Ngannou bet on himself and made some major announcements regarding his career.

He signed a multi-million dollar deal with PFL this year and will make his debut in 2024. He also announced his much-awaited boxing debut against WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. While Francis Ngannou proved his doubters wrong, he also took a dig at his former boss. To promote his fight with Fury Ngannou opened his promotional banner called GIMIK Fight Promotions.

Many believe Ngannou picked this name as Dana White had previously criticized him for chasing gimmick fights. Fans of The Predator are extremely happy for the fighter and troll White as they take to social media.


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Fans applaud Francis Ngannou for trolling Dana White by creating new ‘GIMIK’ Fight promotions

Fans react to Francis creating GIMMIK promotions
Fans react to Francis creating GIMMIK promotions ( Image via MMA Fighting)

After taking his exit from the most prominent MMA organization, former champion Francis Ngannou is ready to receive the biggest payday of his career. The Predator, recently announced that he will be making his boxing debut against Tyson Fury. A bout between the two has been awaited since last year and will finally come to fruition on 28th October. The bout will take place in Riyadh and promoted by Top Rank, Queensberry Promotions, and Ngannou’s GIMMIK Fight Promotions.

Many believe Ngannou took a dig at Dana White by naming his promotions GIMMIK. The UFC head honcho has made his distaste for gimmick fights public and criticized Francis for chasing gimmicky fights. However, White also acted as a hypocrite after being ready to promote a fight between Jon Jones and Tyson Fury. Regardless, fans seem to love the subtle dig by Ngannou as he is set to make his boxing debut.


Francis Ngannou naming his promotional company ‘GIMIK Fight Promotions’ is the biggest and shadiest “f**k you” to Dana White that I have ever seen,” tweeted a fan. While Ngannou continues to drop subtle digs fans await Dana’s response. Fight fans believe Dana White will surely drop a stacked card to ruin the hype around Ngannou’s announcement.

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