“End of year or early 2023”- Francis Ngannou’s head coach provides a realistic timeline for his return

“End of year or early 2023”- Francis Ngannou’s head coach provides a realistic timeline for his return

Eric Nicksick on Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou’s future in the UFC is very uncertain at the moment but that hasn’t stopped the heavyweight champion from recovering from his injury.

It was not long ago that the Cameroonian heavyweight couldn’t walk with both his feet on the ground. The fighter has shown great speed in recovery as the heavyweight champ is finally back in the gym to train on pads for the first time since his injury. In a recent video, the heavyweight champ shows him working on the pads with his coach as he still throws devastating blows.

“Back on the pads. Step by step,” wrote Ngannou as he trains with Dewey Cooper. The fighter has been looking to make a comeback and has a lot of potential super fights lined up. However, it is yet to be seen what Francis is willing to do about his future in the UFC after his contract dispute with the promotion. Ngannou was recently seen in UFC events supporting his favorite fighters from the stands.

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“We don’t have a fight lined up”- Eric Nicksick is focused on Francis Ngannou’s overall development

Francis Ngannou training
Francis Ngannou training

Ngannou’s coach, Eric Nicksick recently provided an update on his recovery, and he said he is well on track to compete inside the octagon. Talking to MMA Junkie Radio, he said, “I think he’s either ahead of schedule or on track, one or the other. He’s making great strides. He’s back in the gym moving around, hitting pads and stuff. That’s the biggest thing for me as a coach.”

He added, “What I miss out on is time of growing, areas that we can improve on. That’s where I get like, ‘Oh man, we’re not doing enough X, Y, Z.’ And I’m okay with that. We don’t have a fight lined up or anything right now.”

“His main focus is getting his knee rehabbed to the point where we can get back in the lab and start doing these things again. Hopefully, and it sounds like for what he’s saying that if something were to happen, it would be the end of the year or early 2023,” Nicksick concluded.

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