“The guy is serious,” Gilbert Burns details the mindset of ‘polarising’ Paddy Pimblett after UFC 296 performance

UFC contender Gilbert Burns reveals training experience with Paddy Pimblett and praises his UFC 296 performance.

“The guy is serious,” Gilbert Burns details the mindset of ‘polarising’ Paddy Pimblett after UFC 296 performance

Gilbert Burns talks about Paddy Pimblett ( Image via Imago)

Paddy Pimblett recently returned from injury in December 2023. He also emerged victorious at UFC 296 and remained undefeated in the UFC. Former title challenger Gilbert Burns showered praise on Paddy Pimblett. The duo had trained together before in London.


Burns said he saw potential in the rising contender. Paddy is currently undefeated in the UFC. He has faced good fighters like Jared Gordon and Tony Ferguson. Gilbert Burns told Quinton Jackson about Pimblett:

Good jiu-jitsu. When I was in the U.K., I was training with him. The guy is serious. He takes it super serious. Good guy, trains hard, I think, but still got to be tested a little bit.
Gilbert Burns via JAXXON Podcast

Paddy Pimblett put on a dominant performance against Tony Ferguson at UFC 296. He won the fight via unanimous decision. Pimblett landed big punches throughout the bout. He continued to dominate on the ground and did not let the UFC veteran get the best of him.

Despite a 12-month hiatus due to an ankle injury, Pimblett controlled most of the rounds and secured the victory. With that, Pimblett secured another win against a big name in the UFC.


Gilbert Burns gave his approval, saying that Pimblett was a legitimate fighter. He revealed that months before his return to the UFC, Paddy Pimblett was already in shape. Paddy Pimblett is known for intense weight loss and gains between matchups throughout the year. However, Burns, although impressed by Pimblett, also said that the young contender needs to be tested against legit contenders.

Gilbert Burns talks about Tony Ferguson after UFC 296

Gilbert Burns himself is a top-ranked welterweight contender in the UFC. Burns recently spoke about UFC veteran Tony Ferguson after UFC 296. Burns spoke on the Jaxxon Podcast with Rampage Jackson. Gilbert Burns said that Ferguson was not himself during the entire fight. Burns said that he was a fan of Ferguson and thought he was a legend. However, Burns observed that Tony Ferguson was going down now.

Tony Ferguson
Gilbert Burns talks about Tony Ferguson ( Image via Twitter )

Burns previously backed Paddy Pimblett to win the UFC 296 fight against Ferguson. Having trained together, Burns said that Ferguson’s chances of winning were slim compared to the young and fresh Paddy Pimblett. However, he admitted that Ferguson’s training with David Goggins made the upcoming fight more entertaining.

Tony Ferguson is a former UFC interim lightweight champion. He was one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC in his early days. Ferguson made his debut in 2011. He then sought to establish himself as a top contender in the lightweight division.


Ferguson held one of the longest win streaks in his division. However now, he is on his way to establish himself for the consistent back-to-back losses inside the octagon. Ferguson is currently on a seven-fight winning streak. However, the UFC veteran intends to keep on fighting.