‘I walk the talk’- Henry Cejudo reacts to footage of one of his best King of Cringe moment

‘I walk the talk’- Henry Cejudo reacts to footage of one of his best King of Cringe moment

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According to reports, Henry Cejudo has retired from the MMA competition. He hasn’t, however, stopped using social media to express his inner troll. His Twitter stream is full of jokes, jabs at rivals, and status updates. He’s been on a callout binge, calling out competitors from strawweight to lightweight. Conor McGregor, Sean O’Malley, Peter Yan, and Alexzandra Volkanskvi are just a few of the names that come to mind.

Cejudo has recently re-entered the USADA drug-testing pool. He wishes to return to the bantamweight division, where he once reigned supreme. The current bantamweight champion is Aljamain Sterling. At UFC 273, in Jacksonville, Florida, he won his most recent title fight, a rematch with former champion Peter Yan. After five rounds of fighting, a split decision was obtained to unify Yan’s temporary interim title and undisputed bantamweight belt. Aljamain Sterling has put the game out of reach with his triumph. The current champion has a 2-0 record against the previous champion.

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Henry Cejudo reacts to a clip from one of his most memorable King of Cringe moments at weigh-in against Marlon Moraes

Henry Cejudo x Gervonta Davis
Henry Cejudo is eyeing a return to the UFC in order to become a three-division champion

Henry Cejudo behaves awkward and weird on purpose to create a buzz around his name. Oftentimes, It comes across as cringe and the former two-division champion relishes in it. 

It is awkward and strange, but it was the kind of awkward and strange we expect from Cejudo, who is both an exciting fighter and an awkward and strange athlete. That is to say, it was both adorable and humiliating at the same time. But as Cejudo began doing a magic performance, the inevitable cringe set in.

Recently he reacted upon his infamous King of Cringe moment at weigh-in against Marlon Moraes, He took to Twitter and stated I’m just a corn pop that walks the talk”

He also indicated that he be ready for the cringe to return. In the history of the UFC, there has never been a heavier weight champion. Cejudo, a former flyweight and bantamweight champion, has declared that he would re-enter the USADA testing pool in preparation for a comeback to the UFC. Since retiring from wrestling in 2020, the Olympic gold medalist and former UFC dual-weight champion has taken up coaching.

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