WATCH: New champion Ilia Topuria gets amazing welcome at Spain’s capital Madrid ahead of potential UFC Spain card

UFC fighters always receive grand welcome when they return to their home country after a title win. Ilia Topuria became the latest to enjoy such an experience.

WATCH: New champion Ilia Topuria gets amazing welcome at Spain’s capital Madrid ahead of potential UFC Spain card

Ilia Topuria knocked out dominant champion Alexander Violkanovski (via X)

Ilia Topuria is now the new UFC featherweight champion. He received a warm welcome from fans upon returning to Spain. Carrying his UFC belt, Topuria was greeted by roaring fans showing their support with enthusiasm and excitement.


The video showed Ilia Topuria’s growing popularity and the support he enjoys from fans in Spain. His achievement as a UFC champion has fostered a sense of pride and celebration among his supporters. Topuria’s journey to Spain is part of his victory tour after becoming the UFC featherweight champion. He arrived at the Madrid airport with his UFC belt over his shoulder as fans cheered and took photos.

Ilia Topuria signed autographs and expressed gratitude for the reception. Topuria intends to visit Spain’s iconic Bernabeu stadium to introduce his UFC championship belt and participate in the honorary kick-off. He has also said he was excited to meet Real Madrid’s club president Florentino Perez.

Ilia Topuria became the new UFC featherweight champion after defeating Alexander Volkanovski. He knocked down the former champion in the second round at UFC 298. Meanwhile, Topuria is now 15 fights into his MMA career and still undefeated. Ilia Topuria landed a clean right hand on Alexander Volkanovski, knocking him out. This bout ended Volkanovski’s four-year reign on the division’s title.


Ilia Topuria wants to fight Conor McGregor in Spain

Ilia Topuria called out Conor McGregor after winning the UFC featherweight title at UFC 298. He expressed his desire to fight McGregor in Spain. Topuria viewed McGregor as representing “the last chapter” in MMA.

Ilia Topuria dares Conor McGregor to fight after defeating Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 298
Ilia Topuria dares Conor McGregor to fight him (via X/Imago)

Topuria also said he wants to leave McGregor behind, forgotten, as the face of the UFC. He has previously competed in the UFC’s lightweight division. Topuria does not mind the weight class as long as he gets to fight the Irishman in Spain. The fight will likely not happen as McGregor might not even return to the UFC.

Ilia Topuria wants to fight Conor McGregor at Madrid’s legendary Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. His post-fight interview at UFC 298 included a message for McGregor. He declared that if McGregor still had the guts to fight, he would be waiting for him in Spain.

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