“Give him a pillow” – Islam Makhachev joins fans in trolling Jailton Almeida vs Derrick Lewis fight at UFC Sao Paulo after five-round snooze fest

Jailton Almeida's fight against Derrick Lewis received criticism for it's inactivity. Islam Makhachev joined fans in trolling the main event fight.

“Give him a pillow” – Islam Makhachev joins fans in trolling Jailton Almeida vs Derrick Lewis fight at UFC Sao Paulo after five-round snooze fest

Islam Makhachev comments on Jailton Almeida vs. Derrick Lewis (via IMAGO/X)

The main event of UFC Sao Paulo featured the Brazilian Jailton Almeida taking on the knockout artist Derrick Lewis. Almeida went in with a grappling-heavy approach and secured a comfortable win on the judges’ scorecards. Although he won easily, fans criticized him for not trying to finish the fight. However, part of the problem was Derrick Lewis’s inactivity and defense on the ground. Now, Islam Makhachev joined the fans in trolling the fight.

Heavyweight matchups are exciting for their unpredictable nature. Anyone can knock anyone out with one punch. But today, Jailton Almeida wrestled his way to victory as he got a record-breaking 21 minutes of control time. However, fans considered this fight a snooze fest as he barely did anything after taking Derrick Lewis down. Islam Makhachev criticized Lewis for not training in grappling. Here is what the lightweight champion had to say:

When you never training grappling. Give him a pillow.
Islam Makhachev via X

Derrick Lewis took this fight on short notice after Curtis Blaydes pulled out, citing an injury. He was known for his knockout power. Also, he was coming off a spectacular win over Marcos Rogerio de Lima at UFC 291. Anyways, Jailton Almeida completely shut him down by taking Lewis down and controlling him on the ground. The power of the ‘Black Beast’ was nullified. The lightweight champion criticized him for not having adequate grappling skills to counter his opponent’s move.

Jailton Almeida won a lopsided decision victory. With this, he extended his overall win streak to 15. Then, he called out the number one heavyweight contender, Ciryl Gane. Almeida could fight for the title after one more fight.

Jailton Almeida set the record for more control time in the heavyweight division

Jailton Almeida faced Derrick Lewis in the main event of UFC fight night in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian was the favorite to win the fight, and he did so in a dominant fashion. He deployed a wrestling-heavy game plan to nullify Lewis’s power. He took Lewis down round after round to add in control time and secured the victory. By this, he had broken the record for ground control time in the heavyweight division of the UFC.

Jailton Almeida
Jailton Almeida (via CBS Sports)

The Brazilian gained a humongous 21 minutes and 10 seconds of control time in his five-round fight with Derrick Lewis. However, he has since been receiving criticism and trolls from the fans for his approach to the fight. Jailton Almeida took Lewis down back to back but didn’t do much with the takedowns. He didn’t look for the finish other than a few submission attempts, which had fans enraged.

This win over Derrick Lewis was Jailton Almeida’s sixth successive win in the UFC. In the post-fight interview, he called out Ciryl Gane for his next fight.

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