“His striking is way better,” Gilbert Burns foresees Leon Edwards fending off Colby Covington’s takedowns and sealing victory with KO

Gilbert Burns addressed the upcoming UFC welterweight title battle between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington at UFC 296.

“His striking is way better,” Gilbert Burns foresees Leon Edwards fending off Colby Covington’s takedowns and sealing victory with KO

Gilbert Burns adressed the oncoming title fight Leon Edwards and Colby Covington in latest interview ( Image via Imago )

Leon Edwards is UFC welterweight champion, and Colby Covington is coming for his title. The two will butt heads inside the octagon in a highly anticipated matchup this December. Gilbert Burns expressed his opinion on the fight between Leon Edwards and Colby Covington in a recent interview.

Gilbert Burns stated that he believed Leon Edwards would win the match. Burns spoke exclusively with InsideFighting in Sao Paulo and shared his fight pick for the upcoming welterweight championship. This is what Burns said:

I got Leon Edwards, I think he going to be able to defend all the takedowns and I think his striking is way better than Colby...maybe by knockout, I think Leon is that good.
Gilbert Burns via InsideFighting

Leon Edwards is set to defend his UFC welterweight title against Colby Covington. The duo will clash in the main event of UFC 296 this December in Las Vegas. The odds for this fight favor Leon Edwards. This matchup has generated significant attention and speculation within the MMA community.

Various experts and former champions have shared their predictions for the fight. It is an important welterweight title clash, and fans are eagerly anticipating the outcome of this high-stakes battle. Colby Covington had initially hoped to face Leon Edwards at UFC 295. However, the fight was rescheduled to UFC 296 due to a booking issue. MMA fans can expect a thrilling battle between two accomplished fighters in the welterweight division.

Who did Gilbert Burns pick in a potential fight between Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad?

Gilbert Burns has immense confidence in Leon Edwards and his ability to retain the UFC welterweight title. Burns firmly believed that Edwards would outclass Colby Covington. Burns also picked Edwards to defeat top contender Belal Muhammad, who handed Burns a defeat at UFC 288.

Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad
Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad (via CBS Sports)

In a previous interview with Middle Easy, Burns expressed his unwavering support for Edwards. He said:

I think Leon Edwards will win any day of the week…I think he has way better striking, very sharp striking. Super, super good striking with managing the distance, controlling wrestling defense.
Gilbert Burns via Middle Easy

Burns didn’t miss the opportunity to emphasize how much Edwards’ wrestling defense has improved. In his opinion, Edwards is a well-rounded fighter with grappling skills that are often underrated. Despite Edwards not being a frequent competitor, Burns believed he deserved more recognition for his talents.

Gilbert Burns is resolute in his belief that Leon Edwards will continue to reign as the UFC welterweight champion. His admiration for Edwards’ striking, wrestling defense, and underrated grappling skills led him to predict victories over both Colby Covington and Belal Muhammad.


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