“This is disgusting,” Israeli Fighter calls out Belal Muhammad’s hypocrisy over supporting Palestine while living comfortably in America

Israeli fighter criticizes Belal Muhammad for supporting Palestine while leading a comfortable life in America, calling it hypocritical.

“This is disgusting,” Israeli Fighter calls out Belal Muhammad’s hypocrisy over supporting Palestine while living comfortably in America

Belal Muhammad and Natan Levy (Image via IMAGO)

Amid the most recent conflict between Israel and Palestine, the UFC has become a platform for fighters to voice their opinions. Fighters representing both sides of the conflict have expressed their thoughts and emotions, with some of them personally experiencing the impact of the violence.


Israeli UFC fighter Natan Levy found himself thrust into the heart of the controversy as he was in close proximity to the locations affected by the attacks carried out by Hamas in Israel. Recently, in an interview, the fighter called out UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad for his hypocrisy. He said, 

“Born in America, raised in America but is Palestinian is all about stirring shit up. When he’s in America comfortable, you know. We’re killing each other in the Middle East…He posted pray for Palestine, the day of October 7th, not while we’re attacking the Gaza strip because what they did to us. They still butchering people in the party. He’s posting this, their bodies aren’t cold yet. So for me it’s really disgusting.” 

Natan Levy

According to Levy, Muhammad, who was born and lives comfortably in America, is just causing controversy by getting involved in the Middle East without experiencing anything firsthand. Levy accused Muhammad of being a hypocrite for trying to influence their people. Despite his professional respect for Muhammad as a fighter, the Israelis disapprove of his actions, particularly their social media posts about Palestine while ongoing conflicts are happening.

When Sean Strickland called out Belal Muhammad for his ‘Free Palestine’ tweet

Belal Muhammad‘s support for the State of Palestine has been quite vocal. ‘Remember the Name’ used to fly the Palestinian flag throughout every fight until the UFC recently banned competitors who fly national banners.

Sean STrickland
Sean Strickland (Image Courtesy: MMA Weekly)

Muhammad, who was born in Chicago, is also well-known for posting social media videos and other propaganda that appears to endorse Palestine. When the war between Israel and Hamas took place, Muhammad posted on X to show his support for Palestine. 

The UFC middleweight champion responded to Muhammad’s post, criticizing him for supporting the recent attacks by Hamas against Israelis. Sean Strickland countered Muhammad’s stance by accusing him of undermining the pursuit of a peaceful resolution instead. Strickland called the fighter a  coward for not taking a stand against terrorism and advocating for a peaceful resolution. Sean Strickland believes that, as someone born in America and living in America, Muhammad should refrain from commenting on such matters.

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