Superstar Conor McGregor slid into ‘crazy flight lady’ DM after WILD plane meltdown

Conor McGregor tried to sneak into Tiffany Gomas’ DMs on Instagram after she got viral on the internet.

Superstar Conor McGregor slid into ‘crazy flight lady’ DM after WILD plane meltdown

Tiffany Gomas and Conor McGregor (Image via IMAGO)

Tiffany Gomas reveals getting a DM from UFC superstar Conor McGregor. Gomas made headlines when she was removed from an American Airlines flight on July 2 after a highly publicized meltdown. During this incident, the marking professional from Texas accused another passenger of stealing her AirPods and made an odd statement, saying, “That moth**** is not real,” in a video that has since gone viral.


This event garnered widespread attention, sparking conversations on social media and in the news and shedding light on the challenges and stresses passengers may encounter during air travel. The viral video captured the moment Gomas confronted a fellow passenger about her missing AirPods and her perplexing comment, leaving many people both puzzled and intrigued.

Recently, Gomez appeared on the Pardon My Take podcast show, in which she talked about her meltdown, her experience after going viral, etc. During the conversation, she also dropped a shocker, revealing that former UFC double champion Conor McGregor DMed her on Instagram. She said,

“I mean Conor McGregor reached out, He sent me a DM, he wasn’t trying to get in my pants or anything. He wanted to know what I saw. But regardless, Connor McGregor follows me, like what the hell… It’s kinda wild." 
Tiffany Gomas on Pardon My Take

Given Conor’s reputation, Gomas clarified that McGregor sent her a DM but he had no other intentions except to ask her what really happened on the plane. Gomas also mentioned that McGregor follows her on social media and that’s pretty wild.


It seems like the UFC superstar was just curious after watching the viral video and decided to use his popularity to directly ask Gomas about the incident rather than reading random internet theories.

Tiffany Gomas finally disclosed the cause of her viral airplane outburst

While speaking as a guest on the “Pardon My Take” podcast hosted by Barstool Sports, Tiffany Gomas took the opportunity to provide an in-depth account of what transpired on that American Airlines flight, which subsequently went viral due to her emotional outburst. She candidly shared that the root cause of her dramatic episode was an unexpected confrontation with another passenger, an altercation that quickly went out of control and prompted her emotional response.

Tiffany Gomas
Tiffany Gomas (Image via X)

The clip of this incident, which got widespread attention during the summer, depicted Gomas walking down the aircraft’s central aisle, where she turned her attention to flight attendants and fellow passengers. In this emotionally charged moment, she passionately exclaimed, “I don’t give two f****, but I am telling you right now, that mother**** back there is not real.”

Gomas expressed that the reason she might not have come out yet was because she found it cringe-worthy. She went on to explain that she got into a bit of an altercation, and it spiraled out of control. It was not her best moment; in fact, it was a horrible moment. She finds it absolutely mortifying. 


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