Jack Della Maddalena shockingly reveals he had staph infection ahead of Gilbert Burns fight at UFC 299

Jack Della Maddalena’s win against Gilbert Burns was much more difficult for the fighter than expected.

Jack Della Maddalena shockingly reveals he had staph infection ahead of Gilbert Burns fight at UFC 299

Jack Della Maddalena revealed having Staph infection (via Imago)

Jack Della Maddalena pulled off a shocker at UFC 299 when he beat former title contender Gilbert Burns. Della Maddalena knocked out the Brazilian in devastating fashion and improved his winning streak in the UFC. However, JDM revealed a shocking fact about his pre-fight health condition involving staph infection.


Recently, Jack Della Maddalena‘s coach revealed that JDM had issues with staph ahead of the fight. The Australian and his coach discussed it during a recent visit to the Grin Reapers podcast.  

I think it was really sore on the weekend before, and it had gotten quite a lot better. So I was thinking that the antibiotics were obviously working... It was like a little pimple-thing on my knee.
Jack Della Maddalena via Grin Reapers podcast

The close-contact nature of mixed martial arts results in staph infections among competitors. Antibiotics remain the only solution for recovering from staph infections. JDM felt the antibiotics worked and did not drain himself out by fight week. Moreover, he was not the only UFC 299 fighter to fight through staph infection.

Benoit Saint-Denis also fought on the UFC 299 card with a staph infection. However, he had a harder time than Della Maddalena. The Frenchman faced his first career knockout loss as a result. Della Maddalena and Saint-Denis’ story remains two alternate versions of how one could get affected by a staph infection. Nevertheless, Della Maddalena powered through it and nabbed the biggest win of his career.


Jack Della Maddalena wants Shavkat Rakhmonov after recovering from injury

Jack Della Maddalena is laser-focused on his possible matchup with Shavkat Rakhmonov. JDM even revealed what he planned to do and what would happen if they squared off in a UFC welterweight title eliminator.

Jack Della Maddalena wants to fight Shavkat Rakhmonov
Jack Della Maddalena wants to fight Shavkat Rakhmonov(via UFC.com/theScore.com)

With his victory against Gilbert Burns, Della Maddalena is currently on an undefeated streak in the UFC. Rakhmonov has remained on Della Maddalena’s radar for a year, and the Australian star wants the fight to happen next.

He's carrying an injury, I'm carrying an injury. I reckon I'm good to go early August...It's a big title eliminator fight...I think I finish him, I think I go in there and shock the world...I reckon I could spark him and then get the title shot.
Jack Della Maddalena via ESPN MMA

Rakhmonov is also undefeated in the UFC and would like to continue that for a while. In an attempt to secure a championship opportunity, it will be intriguing if the UFC officially announces the welterweight match between Della Maddalena and Rakhmonov. Right now, it looks like Belal Muhammad gets the next shot. However, Rakhmonov and JDM remain just a win away from ultimate glory.

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