“That would be sad,” Jake Paul rejects Tony Ferguson’s offer; claims it wouldn’t end well for legend

Jake Paul rejects a possible boxing battle against Tony Ferguson, claiming respect for the MMA veteran.

“That would be sad,” Jake Paul rejects Tony Ferguson’s offer; claims it wouldn’t end well for legend

 Jake Paul declines a possible boxing fight against Tony Ferguson (via Imago)

Controversial YouTuber-turned-boxer, Jake Paul has made a surprising move. He turned down a potential fight against former UFC interim lightweight champion, Tony Ferguson. Paul expressed his disinterest in facing the MMA veteran. He stated that he doesn’t want to see Ferguson’s career end on a sour note.

Paul’s decision to reject the potential bout with Ferguson came as a surprise. His stance on Ferguson seemed to stem from a place of respect for the MMA veteran’s accomplishments. He said that he did not want to hand Ferguson another loss before he eventually hung up the gloves. This is what he said:

Tony Ferguson, he said he wanted to fight? I don’t want to see him go out like that. That would be sad. He’s a great guy, we don’t want that for Tony.
Jake Paul via the post-fight press conference

Ferguson was once a formidable force in the UFC’s lightweight division. He endured a challenging stretch and has suffered seven consecutive losses. His most recent defeat came at the hands of Paddy Pimblett, further compounding concerns about his future in the sport.

Paul’s rejection of Tony Ferguson‘s offer has undoubtedly sparked discussions within the combat sports community. Some perceived it as a display of respect. Others, however, viewed it as a calculated move to safeguard his growing brand and aspirations in the boxing realm.

Tony Ferguson called out Jake Paul for a boxing match

Tony Ferguson recently expressed a strong desire to step into the boxing ring against Jake Paul. Ferguson’s call-out came amidst his ongoing struggles in the UFC, where he’s currently enduring a seven-fight losing streak.

Tony Ferguson called out Jake Paul to a boxing match
Tony Ferguson called out Jake Paul to a boxing match (via Imago)

During a recent appearance on the JAXXON Podcast, Ferguson made his intentions clear, stating that he was calling out Jake Paul. He said that he would love to fight him. The 40-year-old MMA veteran seemed unfazed by the potential objections from UFC CEO, Dana White. Ferguson’s comments highlighted a growing sentiment among UFC fighters seeking opportunities outside the promotion. While Ferguson’s recent performances have raised concerns about his future in MMA, the fighter remained determined to continue competing. 

Ferguson’s proposed bout with Paul would certainly generate significant interest, given Paul’s penchant for high-profile boxing matches against MMA fighters. The YouTuber-turned-boxer has already secured victories over former UFC champions, Ben Askren and Anderson Silva, among others. However, a potential showdown between Ferguson and Paul would be a stark contrast to Paul’s previous matchups. Unlike Askren and Silva, who were past their prime, Ferguson is still an active fighter seeking to revive his career.

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