“Me and my wife were walking…” Demetrious Johnson explains why he doesn’t engage in street fights despite provocation

Demetrious Johnson shares a personal story on the JAXXON podcast, explaining his philosophy against engaging in street altercations.

“Me and my wife were walking…” Demetrious Johnson explains why he doesn’t engage in street fights despite provocation

Demetrious Johnson shares an interesting story (Image via: IMAGO, X)

Demetrious Johnson is one of the legends of MMA. Many consider him to be the greatest MMA fighter of all time. However, his relatively low popularity in the UFC made the promotion trade him to One Championship. At One Championship, he became the flyweight champion and became one of the biggest names with the promotion.


Even though ‘Mighty Mouse’ was a long-reigning champion in the division, he did not create any controversy inside and outside the octagon. Johnson was a guest on the JAXXON podcast, where he explained why he did not engage in fights outside the fight game. He explained the reason with a story, and this is what he said.

Me and my wife were walking around. Some guys walking by. He goes, 'Nice t*ts,' and wife goes, 'You hear what he said'...'Do you wanna go kick his a**?' I can do that but what else is gonna follow me?
Demetrious Johnson via JAXXON podcast

Johnson also stated that he would’ve done the same if someone yelled racial slurs at him. Interestingly, Rampage Jackson, the co-host of the podcast, also agreed with Johnson’s assessment. Johnson also remarked that it was the unsuccessful people who were bitter at life that made offensive remarks.

Johnson has not fought since he defended the One flyweight title against Adriano Moraes. The fight headlined ONE Fight Night 10, the promotion’s first event in the United States. Johnson defeated Moraes in the fight via unanimous decision and became 2-1 against the former One flyweight champion.


Demetrious Johnson on the fighters at One Championship

Demetrious Johnson has fought some of the best fighters in the UFC and also at One Championship. In the UFC, Johnson fought the likes of Dominick Cruz, Henry Cejudo, Joseph Benavidez, and Kyoji Horiguchi, among others. Moreover, at One Championship, he has fought Adriano Moraes, Yuya Wakamatsu, Danny Kingad, and Tatsumitsu Wada.

Demetrious Johnson
Demetrious Johnson (Image Courtesy – MMA News)

In his recent appearance on the JAXXON podcast, Johnson talked about one acute difference he found between the fighters of the two organizations. Johnson remarked the majority of the UFC fighters first trained in team sports or track and field before they transitioned to martial arts. On the other hand, Johnson felt that fighters in One Championship are lifelong marital arts in any of the traditional martial arts.

Recently, Anatoliy Malykhin became a three-division champion as he defeated Reinier de Ridder to become the middleweight champion. He had already defeated de Ridder to become the light heavyweight champion, after which he defeated Arjan Bhullar to become the heavyweight champion.

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